Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Crazy ass dreams in Ohio

I don't know what I ate before bed, if it's something in the water or the fact that i'm sleeping in a bed that is half the size of what I'm normally used to, but I had like 4 whack-ass dreams in one last night.

-First, people were filming a movie in my apartment. I don't remember what it was about or if I was starring in it or what.
-Next, I jump to being in a van with my ex-bf Jason #3 (aka the lost soulmate) & we're making out (lovely, just the kind of dream that I need when I come home to Ohio. Like I don't feel like I really screwed that situation up in life enough. Hey Mr. Sandman, why don't you jab that knife a little deeper? I don't think it went all the way through my heart and jugular at once. yes, I know that's not possible, work with me).
-I jump I'm in high school at the age I was in high school (not present-day me in h.s.), but we have cell phones. Of course, one of the popular girls grabs my Iphone from me and promptly stomps on it and, just like when I actually was in h.s, the teacher does nothing and says "didn't see a thing" even though she was looking right at it. (ok, this dream I probably brought on myself by going on a tour of the new high school. I'm not going to lie, even though I never actually walked through those exact halls, I started feeling anxiety that you get at the start of a panic attack. You think all the therapy would've taken care of that...apparently not) sidebar: I realize that had there been cell phones when i was in high school, I probably wouldn't have been allowed to have one or if I did manage to score one that dream probably would've been a reality in some sense. Actually, had there been internet, I probably would've killed myself and not just thought about it all the time. (relax, i'm not suicidal now!)
-Jump again...back to the filming in my apartment, but they've got the door open and the doors to my apartment building are open as well. Nieder is nowhere to be found. I wake up on the edge of panic.
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