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From Twitter 12-20-2009

  • 01:00:35: ok, finished watching Hard Knocks: Bengals. recommend to all fball fans. Now i must sleep so I can watch my Phins get it done tomorrow.
  • 01:24:18: If you have been forging ahead without a real plan, you could ... More for Leo
  • 01:57:18: Holy shit! Agassi played the last few years if his career commando?!? Shut the front door!
  • 11:37:53: I am stuck with the Jets/Falcons game. BS!! only plus is that I might see my friend who is a Jets dancer.
  • 11:48:40: @SaraJBenincasa is it weird i'm kinda scared to sleep when it snows because everything is so horror-movie quiet?
  • 12:12:36: @GeneFallaize me too
  • 12:16:33: @HarloweBlonde so far only the trashy tabloid sites have been reporting it,
  • 12:24:45: @HarloweBlonde so sad. so young,
  • 12:35:59: know this is wrong, but hell, going to go ahead & say it. mark my words, cause of Brittany Murphy's death will be coke or eating disorder.
  • 13:00:46: dammit dolphins, what is your damn problem?
  • 13:13:24: @ledbylove I'm only saying it because i have insider info. sad, but true.
  • 13:24:34: @ledbylove nope, you just lived in L.A. enough to know things.
  • 13:35:17: ok, Dolphins defense...let's 3 and out this bitch so we can get this ball back. only 8 pts down now.
  • 13:47:21: attn: Chad is your chance to proved that you can be our next almost-Marino (since there will never be another)
  • 13:51:39: Chad Henne....make me forget you went to Michigan!
  • 14:06:33: My mom says "who dey!" she loves her bengals
  • 14:47:03: @OGOchoCinco I'm SOOOOOOOO glad you got that TD!
  • 15:43:02: how messed up is that? Social in H'wood closes 5 days before Xmas without warning the employees. Hello Scrooge.
  • 16:14:06: off to the store to get some snackies for Survivor finale. 1st time i've ever been able to watch a finale with my mama. that be OUR show!
  • 17:18:06: I can never move home. Most of the healthy food I eat is beyond expensive. No wonder every1 is fat in OH. U have to be rich to eat healthy
  • 17:50:47: Angels suck! Rally monkey hangs self over suckage
  • 17:53:30: @LsRccrd most definitely! i use greek yogurt as sour cream substitute. LA: 16 oz for $1.50 or so; Ohio: over $4!!!
  • 18:14:37: @bcuban love you Cuban boys, but you're going DOWN!!! haha. my 2 fave teams play each other, but Ohio first and foremost.
  • 19:47:47: ooooh, Survivor final tribal is gonna be nasty!!! come on, kids. Top the Snake/Rat speech, don't let me down.
  • 20:20:27: The new People's Choice Award looks like a crystal vagina
  • 21:01:40: Westbrook survived winter ball, but he'll get traded by July. I think the Indians are required by law to trade their #1 pitcher every year.
  • 21:19:17: Survivor 20 is going to be off the damn evil ass chain faster, harder, stronger & worse than a pit bull in the hood.
  • 21:40:27: breaking news: LA county coroner is now saying that Brittany Murphy's death was natural causes. will still do autopsy tomorrow.
  • 22:24:12: #skipbayless is @OGOchocinco's bitch!

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