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From Twitter 12-19-2009

  • 00:04:19: @bensbrain7 not mocking. I spent 2 fine years in Findlay.
  • 01:05:39: @JillianMichaels biggest loser is fave because it is saving lives & not just a game. It's bigger than the game
  • 01:06:37: @JillianMichaels but if I have to choose other than TBL, then probably Top Model cuz I make jokes about it & wish I wasn't too old to be on
  • 01:21:54: You may be getting tired now of being bounced around by your a... More for Leo
  • 11:46:00: Excuse me, what is this white ish?!
  • 11:49:56: My mom's old fat cat is a talker
  • 12:17:26: @itsmeleighton The Mint in L.A is freaking great. I saw Daniel Bedingfield there w/ his youngest sis & then other sis Natasha showed up too
  • 12:19:20: @Gator4God What was your degree in? congrats!
  • 12:48:59: @THE_REAL_SHAQ Neon...stop scaring the children.
  • 13:08:39: @LsRccrd the players assoc has come out and said they are paying Ocho's fine if there is on.
  • 13:35:36: if u are in L.A: my friend Lisa is in Bingo tonight at 7pm & 2 shorts playing at 8pm. Both shows @ Second City 6560 Hollywood Blvd. $10 each
  • 14:22:51: @samshahidi take care of @OGOchocinco. don't let him spend too much. I sense he'll have fines to pay this week.
  • 15:11:37: New Mexico Bowl is boring. I've opted for OSU bball on ESPNU instead.
  • 15:32:03: @OGOchoCinco that's McDonalds. i can tell by the coffee drinks
  • 15:49:20: my parents are crazy, they are going around in a circle around the house looking for each other. hilarious!
  • 15:58:39: i might have to start @shitmymomsays she just said "everybody's got game but I gotta clean up after it like i'm the coach!"
  • 17:28:20: @jaycrawfordespn hey Jay, can I hire your dog to be a ball dog next time i play tennis?
  • 18:18:41: Watching Hard Knocks: Bengals on YouTube. More Phins than Bengals fan, but this show is amazing. Chris Henry footage is heartbreaking though
  • 18:58:49: @OGOchoCinco please tell me you're not a Gatorade snob like Carson (I'm watching Hard Knock on YouTube)
  • 20:53:43: @elizabeth_ann wait? who would date night be with? did you meet a boy?
  • 21:09:51: @THE_REAL_SHAQ Cowboys...then I pop half a bottle of champagne & save the rest for when the Colts lose! Viva La 72 Dolphinas!!
  • 21:24:21: @JohnDeVore really!!? you don't say. is that what they call that white stuff on the ground here in Ohio
  • 22:16:47: hiding from my familia-razzi in the living room again. i swear, i'm constantly leaving my hood on my hoodie up like LiLo.
  • 22:26:06: @LsRccrd you should come on down to West 6th Street. it's the perfect place if you're a douchebag! (from the cleveland tourism video)
  • 23:34:45: Did you know that tells you when to pee during a movie & it was invented by a football player?

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