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From Twitter 12-18-2009

  • 01:25:32: You may still be smiling from something that recently made you... More for Leo
  • 09:16:59: Man 3rd graders ask tough questions!
  • 10:18:19: @MyTrainerBob congrats!
  • 11:09:15: Touring my high school which is kinda not really my high school
  • 12:02:15: Cuz I was a bad ass tennis player in hs.
  • 12:24:49: @LemonLimeAgency would love a spot, but sadly will probably have to work :(
  • 12:32:27: @agentadvice Happy Holidays. Merry Xmas :) Safe travels if you leave town.
  • 12:42:34: @agentadvice i'm in ohio for the holidays. we're supposed to get snow after midnight tonight
  • 13:09:44: Naptime!!! I think I earned it
  • 15:22:48: Dinner with parents & the b-dubs with friends. I'm going to be so full
  • 15:37:58: @OGOchoCinco feel ur pain. I didn't get to say goodbye to my nephew when he died 14 yrs ago on dec 13 :(
  • 16:13:00: I'm surrounded by Buckeyes & bengals hats.
  • 16:14:48: Congrats Tiger! I hear u have 14 women now. 4 more & you can play a full round of holes
  • 17:18:06: At buffalo wild wings in beavercreek/Fairborn meeting up w/ some college peeps. Cavs game watching. Go lebron!
  • 19:56:11: @LemonLimeAgency wow!!! What if they are in the shower or loo? :(
  • 20:27:12: back home now. nothing really on tv.
  • 20:44:06: NWA special and Dr. Dre is wearing an Andre Agassi Nike shirt in some 1989 footage. that tells you Andre's impact on everything!
  • 20:46:45: @HarloweBlonde hahaha!! hilarious.
  • 21:00:04: @OGOchoCinco LaJolla is nice, lots of classy restaurants. go have a nice meal, you can even possibly eat on the beach.
  • 21:01:22: Watching "NWA: The World's Most Dangerous Group" on MTV2. Easy E had such a distinctive voice.
  • 21:01:53: @SaraJBenincasa it's weird hearing you on-air at damn near 11pm.
  • 21:27:02: so sad....I can't order a BumpIt off TV because they don't make them for redheads.
  • 21:46:55: @johncmayer don't let this go to ur head, think I have a crush after hearing tracks from your new jam especially "heartbreak warfare". haha
  • 21:48:42: @bensbrain7 hey brain...ever miss Findlay & it's fine carpet-floored mall with K-mart as an anchor store?
  • 22:31:59: @THE_REAL_SHAQ nice win tonight.
  • 22:32:31: I eat WAY too much when i come home & it's all the wrong stuff too.
  • 22:38:01: @TimBella mmmm matt damon
  • 22:41:11: Ok, another commercial that needs to die: Kay jewelers with the dude proposing. chick: I don't remember this place. guy: you will!

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