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From Twitter 12-17-2009

  • 01:01:27: the sibling is cooking something so foul that i might puke.
  • 01:22:56: Love may be in the air today and it makes it tough for you to ... More for Leo
  • 01:39:01: @LsRccrd so far ok. WTF is up with no 24 hr Subway restaurants?!! I know! would love to see a Cavs game
  • 01:45:29: Verizon is a liar. According to their iPhone-bashing map ad, I shouldn't have 3g coverage where I am. My iPhone says otherwise. SUCK IT!
  • 01:47:57: Off to bed. My body is saying WTF, it's only 12:45am! Happy to be in the land of Indians & Buckeyes. O-h...
  • 11:04:38: @ephanypdx no it was rank ass cheap tuna
  • 11:10:57: Thoughts & prayers to chris Henry, his family & the Bengals. RIP :( hugs to @OGOchocinco
  • 11:17:03: RT @souplantation: ...((0))...splat! You got hit w/ a snowball! HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM @SOUPLANTATION! (RT to win $25 SP&ST gift card)
  • 12:11:50: @TimBella preach on! I have like 4 Robbie Williams cd & when I mention him, people are like "Robin Williams sings?" *rolls eyes*
  • 12:12:10: @TimBella you know who else is underappreciated? Daniel Bedingfield.
  • 12:20:19: My dad is watching white/ghetto trash judge shows & now he says it's naptime. Judge Brown wore him out.
  • 12:48:01: @CMartinEnt Ocho crying is what got to me.
  • 14:00:07: Love may be in the air today and it makes it tough for you to ... More for Leo
  • 14:16:55: @fordmodels what if one already has pro pix because they're already working/photogs are testing w/ them & just looking to switch agencies?
  • 14:21:02: @LasVegasAngel jesus christ, someone needs to lay off the tacquitos!
  • 14:22:15: yes want to fill your vicodin prescription (and then give half to your daughter for xmas to combat her ankle pain)
  • 14:27:33: I hope they fry this chick if it turns out she intentionally caused Chris Henry to fall out of the truck
  • 15:00:22: @julzharlz it's just you
  • 15:05:18: @Wolffem i know a few years ago that rumor was Groundlings would purposely make you repeat levels so they could get more case from you.
  • 15:13:36: @OGOchoCinco know u are hurting, but i thought u should know my mom said she wants ur poncho & said u can come have dinner here anytime.
  • 15:15:20: How my mom got me back on the soda wagon
  • 15:44:15: @Wolffem i have several friends who are happy there.
  • 16:02:00: @Wolffem yes, second city
  • 16:44:25: @jaycrawfordespn Ocho is on Ustream live right now sharing stories.
  • 17:00:17: @estepmike whore, are you comin to b-dubs tomorrow night?
  • 17:48:02: @estepmike i'm here until the 27th
  • 17:52:32: @estepmike and i just texted you....i hope that was the right number.
  • 17:53:01: @CosmoOnline wait?! is Patrick allowing that on his watch?! he HATES uggs!
  • 18:06:10: Me and my dad watching survivor
  • 18:08:02: Me & my mom watching survivor. We never get to watch together
  • 18:41:45: @SaraJBenincasa oh my god!!! I'm so jealous. Tell him u are friends with "the show" haha
  • 19:31:29: @snowwhiteonacid I don't know. that kid was on my last nerve. I don't think even Matt Damon could convince me to pop out a kid.
  • 20:13:44: @snowwhiteonacid i love the pizza place across from powell's
  • 20:24:56: @TimBella Jersey Short is so trashy it comes back around on the wheel to classy!
  • 20:42:28: hahaha The Situation keeps getting cockblocked!
  • 21:20:34: okay, i'm off to bed. well after a shower & some more reading of Open (Andre Agassi's book). talking to 3rd graders in the morning.
  • 21:27:24: @SaraJBenincasa u should have a prtsc (print screen) button, then go into paint, make a bmp and then convert to jpg.
  • 21:33:25: jesus h! my sister has decided to "train" me for the paparazzi by popping out of the kitchen taking random pix of me doing nothing.
  • 21:45:44: @wrongheaven it's actually rather annoying with the damn flash going off like every 5 seconds.
  • 22:24:18: @SaraJBenincasa u need to MSG him & say "my ass goes to the front of the line cuz I'm from NJ, bitch & I'm the TRUE inventor of the poof!"

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