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From Twitter 12-16-2009

  • 01:20:21: i seriously need to be on Adderall. i keep getting distracted.
  • 01:25:32: Competitive sports -- spectator or participatory -- should hel... More for Leo
  • 05:31:05: dammit! I'm still up packing. I wanted to be in bed by 4. Can't forget headshots for the kids I'm speaking to on Friday (if they want them)
  • 11:48:33: @HeymanTalent I'm on my way home to Ohio! book me for something tomorrow! (not friday tho..going to speak to 3rd graders)
  • 12:07:10: @flyfrontier 2 big #FAIL strikes for you, snotty phone rep when i tried to upgrade ticket & online check-in is down! WTF!
  • 12:07:57: and another #fail for @flyfrontier (Frontier Airlines). Now online checking is down, so I have to hassel with paying for bags at airport.
  • 14:01:41: Lax, punks.
  • 14:34:55: Holy crap. I literally got checked in & thru security in 20 min. Record!! Now almost an hr before flight boards even. Now liquid Xanax time
  • 14:50:41: I'm awarding the Heyman Trophy here in a few since I didn't officially do it.
  • 14:58:03: Okay, the photos have been reviewed. The 2009 heymen trophy goes to Toby Gerhart from Stanford!! 2. McCoy 3. Ingram 4. Tebow 5. Suh
  • 15:40:22: There is some sick hot ass on this plane yet not seated near me, but I do have a kid 2 seats away...WTF @Sarajbenincasa?!?
  • 18:12:22: swear to Jesus I can't get off this plane fast enough & am NEVER having kids. Damn brat kicked me like 5 times & almost spilled juice on me
  • 18:13:25: @flyfrontier just don't get me stranded in Denver like u did in June & we'll be cool ;)
  • 18:14:34: @flyfrontier I'm flying now. Layover in Denver. Hook a girl up with some direct tv the rest of the way to
  • 18:16:19: @OGOchocinco thoughts & prayers to chris Henry, you & bengals family.
  • 18:37:38: 1000 ways to die tonight at 10pm on Spike. Don't know if it's my ep or not.
  • 18:38:32: @LsRccrd don't believe everything u read on Twitter
  • 18:43:39: @SaraJBenincasa I'd say your powers were off! That kid needed more adderall than I need!
  • 18:52:25: Some jackass got my headphone caught on his bag trying to get to his seat & damn near took my arm with him. Idiot
  • 18:53:43: @flyfrontier oh wait u can't hook me up because I'm on the smallest most cramped plane ever & it's not a frontier plane even! Ugh
  • 18:56:22: @LsRccrd bad deadspin! Well not entirely bad ;) shhhh
  • 18:57:29: @michaeldempster does this mean u will no longer play, work or watch for the NFL? It IS the no fun league after all
  • 18:59:38: Dammit! Was going to watch sports from den to day and now this "partner" plane has no tv fun!! I feel robbed!! Bad @flyfrontier :p
  • 21:22:18: @jamesbaltazar nope, I'm a doctor! I'm so insulted! I went to school for 7 long years!!!! Haha
  • 21:37:17: I just got checked out by a high schooler....oh white trash how I love thee
  • 21:42:55: Some people need to learn the definition of personal space at baggage claim. If u get on top of me any more than u are, we'll be having sex
  • 21:48:24: Holy shit! There's a starbucks in the airport now!! Welcome to the 2000s Dayton
  • 23:06:08: @TalentAgentLA i get bigger auditions when I come home to C'bus. last time, I auditioned for Army Wives. can't get many tv auds in LA yet
  • 23:06:58: @jamesbaltazar actually dayton airport has had wi-fi for a while, but they block damn near everything.
  • 23:28:11: they just showed my work on Sportscenter (from L.A.)

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