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From Twitter 12-15-2009

  • 00:19:00: @SaraJBenincasa I know you're not Sporty Spice, but can I get you to cheer for my Buckeyes in the Rose Bowl?
  • 00:19:56: @SaraJBenincasa BTW, I considered that a religion question since I worship at the Church of the Sacred Buckeye. I pray to Brutus.
  • 00:20:36: @snowwhiteonacid you mean it's not? dammit! (ironically, I've yet to score a date at the gym)
  • 00:22:14: @DuranLA the tweet is coming from inside the restaurant (actually meant to tweet while I was there but didn't get off the clock in time)
  • 01:26:20: Everyone may want to know what your secret is today because yo... More for Leo
  • 01:49:40: @_marramarie_ if it was another daniel, you'd have me sold. haha
  • 03:00:19: catching up on Amazing Race? there is some serious stupidity on display
  • 04:16:23: one more cd and this f'n iphone is loaded for Ohio.
  • 04:40:25: @jaycrawfordespn I just added all of Ice Cube's work on to my Iphone. NWA for life! haha! btw, song title pac/dre is California Love
  • 04:42:10: dammit, Iphone...sync faster! i have to work in the damn morning & would like to sleep.
  • 05:05:12: FINALLY! Iphone is sync'd for the O-H-I-O & I can go to bed. work & packing tomorrow.
  • 11:14:26: Ok! Who the EFF gve Creed permission to make shitty music again? You're fired!
  • 11:15:51: @OGOchoCinco WAMW start up how Ohio state is gonna get blown out in another big game!
  • 11:17:12: @the_swine_flu welcome back to Twitter!
  • 11:19:24: Dear Santa: two words, mega millions. (so I can buy into the Cleveland Indians & save them!)
  • 11:54:47: @katie_corbut nah, I prefer to imitate his "I'm a rock n roll Jesus" poses
  • 11:56:46: Everyone may want to know what your secret is today because yo... More for Leo
  • 11:57:10: I don't know who's lyrics are more hysterical: eminem, ice cube or lil Kim, but they're all on my iPod on my iPhone
  • 16:25:55: @OGOchoCinco put an ochocinco condom on it, mister!
  • 16:27:37: @jaycrawfordespn even better. We got sabathia & lee back plus added jeter for a bag of practice balls & bottle of jobu's rum. Yeah right!
  • 17:14:09: @SaraJBenincasa i would totally work out with you if I lived in NYC. I'd yell at you like @JillianMichaels.
  • 17:42:36: if the Big Ten expands, personally, I'd love to see Cincy join as it would create an in-state rival for OSU (which we are lacking).
  • 18:27:22: Frontier Airlines service rep was snotty as all hell & they wanted $400 to upgrade my ticket from economy to classic. Eff that!
  • 18:32:09: @espnext_jerry Cincy IS a state school. do your research.
  • 18:39:29: @espnext_jerry no they are not. some are "university of" Iowa, Mich. or some just end in "univ": Purdue, Northwestern. all public though
  • 18:41:53: @espnext_jerry besides, don't mention the "state" thing or Boise St. will want in cuz they are like a small child begging for attention
  • 18:44:13: 1. if i tell u wrong number, don't call back 4 times asking for same person. 2. speak english in the united states.
  • 18:45:39: I wouldn't go to France & expect the French to speak English to me. Therefore, don't come here from Mexico & expect me to speak Spanish to u
  • 18:46:47: I'm rather liberal, but that is one thing i'm insanely conservative about.
  • 18:49:10: @snowwhiteonacid he took the damn hint, obvi.
  • 19:09:53: @snowwhiteonacid The Situation is no match for The Show!
  • 19:53:47: @sarajbenincasa oh no r Kelly! Haha
  • 19:54:37: Ok you iPhone haters. I'm over ur commercials. Makes me NEVER want to do business with verizon
  • 20:02:40: @espnext_jerry like @jaycrawfordespn once said, I know my stuff. :)
  • 20:35:27: @24hourfitness happy holidays. About to get my last workout in before leaving for Ohio for 11 days (u have no clubs there)
  • 20:36:16: RT @NYCRedhead put ♥ this ♥ on ♥ your ♥ status ♥ if ♥ you ♥ know ♥ someone ♥ who ♥ has ♥ or ♥ had ♥ cancer! ♥ All I want for Xmas is a CURE!
  • 20:45:06: New Phins hat straight from practice facility in Davie from my friend Eric!
  • 21:42:16: @TimBella I say "what if" Ohio state didn't lose last 3 bowl game & the 2 USC games.
  • 21:51:14: Ever notice the day before a trip u just check out early mentally? This workout is impossible today
  • 22:10:04: @TimBella on the flip side, I know we would probably be cockier than USC (the fans, that is). I know how we are just dominating big ten
  • 22:37:08: night before trip food feast. one night only, everything in the fridge with dates must go!
  • 22:38:22: @SaraJBenincasa oh great oracle, tell me i'll for once be on the plane next to hot single guy & not a f'ng screaming kid w/ a stupid parent
  • 23:49:15: okay, i'm serious. i'm going to clean & pack now.

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