Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

From Twitter 12-13-2009

  • 00:45:48: @snowwhiteonacid is that humanly possible? I mean just because CVS sell douche doesn't make it worse! haha.
  • 00:54:40: Taylor Lautner cute & funny on SNL. Sadly, SNL is not as funny as a whole. Then again, I was spoiled by the late 80s/early 90s SNL.
  • 01:23:43: It may feel as if you are being asked to do the impossible tod... More for Leo
  • 01:34:50: I wonder if the dude on Jersey Shore calls his bedroom "The situation room" & if so, is Wolf Blitzer pissed about it? #CNN
  • 10:56:44: RT @CoachBrianKelly Spent most of the morning on the phone w/ recruits. House got egged last night...sign on the lawn wasn't a FOR SALE sign
  • 10:59:13: I'm an idiot! I could still be in my warm bed. Instaed, I choose to go to work.
  • 11:00:28: @TimBella guess Kelly shouldn't have lied to his players & fans initially or waited until after the Florida game
  • 11:35:42: Just saw a parking lot at Staples Center that is $50!!! A DAY! #highwayrobbery
  • 12:19:02: @jamesbaltazar hey go tell my friend Ian that on fbook. Oh funny delusional bearcat fans. delusions started w/ thinking they are #1 in OH
  • 13:18:51: Hearing "your" song (re: a guy) on the anniversary of the day everything changed & started to fall apart not great way to start the morning
  • 14:26:43: @_marramarie_ shush! This is comedy gold for me & because of him, no one cares about other minor sports scandals
  • 15:28:36: I am absolutely bored at work.
  • 15:29:35: @jaycrawfordespn nah, kiss the baby! That makes skip happy...not!
  • 20:34:43: @THE_REAL_SHAQ hope your eye is okay. that was some BS!
  • 20:36:32: Asking me if the carpet matches the drapes #WillGetYouSlapped
  • 20:58:01: @LsRccrd no but they will if they ask me that
  • 21:38:33: @MyTrainerBob you & @JillianMichaels tweeted almost identical at almost the same time....freaky (well unless you are watching together)
  • 23:09:35: dammit Fbook, stop suggesting people i don't know that you think I know. start suggesting people I'm trying to find but to scared to search
  • 23:47:39: ugh, i have to start laundry....if i have enough quarters.

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