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From Twitter 12-12-2009

  • 01:21:53: Your intuition may be telling you that you aren't going to get... More for Leo
  • 03:45:26: Jersey Shore scares the same time, i'm 10 mins in and can't stop laughing my ass off at these jackasses
  • 05:15:19: Off to bed. Going to have to be up way too early in the am
  • 16:24:31: Got called off work. Stupid rain
  • 18:14:42: @OGOchoCinco well Mary Jane does say that to Spiderman, so maybe she meant it in that sense.
  • 18:24:35: do you think Colt McCoy is getting all "shut up" during the Heisman award show when they talk about Suh slamming his ass to the ground?
  • 18:25:16: Likewise, do you think Suh is all 'shut up' when they mention his dominating performance yet losing the Big 12 champ. game?
  • 18:32:52: Tebow...OMG! He went a whole soundbite w/o mentioning God. He's totally getting excommunicated for this!
  • 18:39:38: @Ksafitness Tiger... Tebow is dating the Virgin Mary and Colt probably just hooks up with nice girls, not paid hookers.
  • 18:46:31: @Ksafitness I'm telling you....Tebow is probably not nailing ANY tail due to religious views.
  • 18:51:09: 17 Things Worth Knowing About Your Cat from @oatmeal
  • 19:01:37: Suh got screwed!
  • 19:45:17: In honor of the Heisman, I'm awarding the Heymen Trophy. It goes to the Heisman finalist I most want to do.
  • 19:57:31: @OGOchoCinco i have 30 for 30 on season pass. I got one thing to say to "the u" though....Go Buckeyes!!!
  • 20:28:31: These wings are hot! They set my mouth on fire worse than a herpes flareup (not that I would know thank Jesus!) #buffalowildwings #hotsauce
  • 22:56:34: @HarloweBlonde supposedly he follows me on twitter, but twitter has temp. removed verified badges so I don't know if it's real. haha.
  • 22:57:36: shift canceled for tomorrow too, but quick thinking landed a replacement shift. damn u weather. pretty to sleep, hell on the paycheck.
  • 23:00:38: 2010 is the year I STOP waiting tables, btw. I will get a sports or entertainment gig to pay the bills fully.
  • 23:12:40: @snowwhiteonacid The Situation makes me LOL as well. dear lord, man, he was selling those booty shorts.
  • 23:13:03: @LsRccrd that's WHY it's called the Heymen Trophy!
  • 23:47:46: In honor of "The Situation", I think my new nickname will be "The Show"

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