Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

From Twitter 12-11-2009

  • 01:22:23: You aren't much more subdued than you were yesterday, yet you ... More for Leo
  • 02:00:52: @snowwhiteonacid i have to work sunday day.
  • 02:37:45: Holy shit! I was totally right about the dude on 90210 who plays Teddy. Dude is the Gabriele Cateris of the show. HE'S 31!!!
  • 03:58:16: @Rhiannon2408 pray for my dad while you're reading. thanx.
  • 04:05:24: You all damn fools if you believe this Shaq retires crap. The only thing Shaq is going to retire is Kobe's rapist ass on Xmas day!
  • 04:57:10: Need more rain. I like to listen to it as I sleep. Yet I live in SoCal.
  • 13:40:20: @ErikaMarie hope you're ok. wtf!
  • 13:43:38: RT @souplantation: Snowball fight winner will be selected randomly and winner announcement made at 2pm PT.
  • 13:46:08: @jamesbaltazar take @OGOchocinco to the mall of america. he wants to go.
  • 13:49:55: RT @OGOchoCinco: Can someone in Minnesota pick me up and take me to Mall Of The Americas, ill help you wipe out your Xmas List while we ...
  • 14:36:04: @agentadvice have you tried the cranberry turkey soup @souplantation yet? hey, you said I pick the topics.
  • 15:34:47: @Rhiannon2408 he has a possible tumor in his bladder :(
  • 15:42:48: @agentcesd know u deal in youth, but is there adult open call for print in L.A. or email I can submit to?
  • 17:01:37: Off to work. If I get there early, I will mock Tiger
  • 17:12:08: Yeah got another ho's number
  • 17:13:28: Only pimps can wear the green jacket. Now go bang a ho
  • 21:10:27: @elizabeth_ann whatever! I KNOW I'm funny & if u don't think so, suck it! Haha jk

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