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From Twitter 12-09-2009

  • 02:23:40: What's with all the Ohio State stuff in the k-mart commercials during The Biggest Loser finale?
  • 02:24:34: @OGOchocinco man! that's f'd up that they fined you AGAIN. No Fun League! Goddell needs to go (hope he doesn't fine u for MY opinion)
  • 02:27:42: You have a very special kind of love to give that goes beyond ... More for Leo
  • 05:07:49: @OGOchoCinco wake up? Child please. This girl is going to bed on the west coast
  • 05:09:05: @jaycrawfordespn well at least we know the yanks won't be trying to steal Grady. U know I will still watch the Tribe. Loyal to death
  • 05:11:34: Panic attacks suck & so does whoever in the apt above me playing the WWE RAW home game at 4am.
  • 05:18:34: @ledbylove that wasn't the spark of this latest one. Aftermath of nephew's wreck induced. Scared I'll end up a lonely cat lady
  • 14:23:45: @ErikaMarie my sanity is fine. it's the guys that stink here. i think i'm going to try again.
  • 14:47:36: 1000 Ways to Die starts tonight on Spike TV @ 10pm. Set your DVR for season pass. Don't know when my episode is airing!.
  • 16:09:15: At work. Lakers game tonight. Hopefully that means money in my pocket. My bff rocks btw...even though he's a Yankees fan. Miss baseball :(
  • 16:30:03: @snowwhiteonacid I work every day until I leave though I work day shifts sun & tues
  • 20:00:43: @LsRccrd it means fewer commercials during the ep & why the eps get to be 2 hrs usually
  • 20:08:07: @snowwhiteonacid will have to see, promised Jason first cuz he wants to do something with me & Tina. Depends on schedules
  • 20:08:58: @snowwhiteonacid Might have to be lunch instead
  • 23:08:27: Subway is going to be crowded. Lakers game just ended

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