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From Twitter 12-08-2009

  • 02:00:21: sweet! the coffee shop on Desperate Housewives from a couple weeks ago is Priscilla's in Burbank. Been there a LOT.
  • 02:26:18: Instead of starting something different today, you would be wi... More for Leo
  • 04:09:56: Ok, Desperate Housewives: I predict Karl is dead & Lynette loses her twins because she saved Gaby's kid.
  • 04:52:24: Just a little over a week until Ohio!!! That bring said, need to find cheap dr to give me xanax for flight. I miss health insurance
  • 13:50:01: RT @jaycrawfordespn: - College football fans, this is what we could have!!! 15 more games. 4 more weeks. dont ...
  • 14:04:58: @michaeldempster see if they can do the mini incision.
  • 14:09:28: Peter Gammons retiring from ESPN. Logically, that would mean a spot is open...where do I send my resume!? let's sexy up Baseball Tonight!
  • 14:34:28: @marieclaire if talking boobs w/ regards to breast cancer, look into the Stefanie Spielman story. Mammograms at 50, i think not! go younger!
  • 14:35:35: Instead of starting something different today, you would be wi... More for Leo
  • 14:44:08: @MyTrainerBob btw.thanks for weaning me off the soda..still struggle to say "no" to it, but I stick to ice tea or coffee if I need caffiene
  • 14:46:41: Everyone making moves at baseball winter meetings except the Indians. I HATE YOU LARRY DOLAN! RIP Dick Jacobs: best Tribe owner ever!
  • 14:50:58: off to work. just found out i'm talking to 3rd graders when I go home.
  • 16:37:47: Needs u to pray for my dad, please let his test results be ok & nothing serious. all I'm saying regarding details. Hate being 3k miles away
  • 21:09:50: @halperry ugh!!!! I can't believe this crap
  • 21:22:58: Really struggling to hold my stuff together & not start having panic attacks constantly again. Wish I could fly to Ohio now
  • 22:10:18: shouldn't have researched online now more freaked out & scared. also scared I'm going to end up alone in life because I put career first

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