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From Twitter 12-07-2009

  • 00:04:39: @rockinrobinp think my experience worked against me. more details under my facebook profile.
  • 01:23:13: eff this, i'm going to bed. Oh yeah, I put up my Xmas tree tonight. it seems like it needs more stuff on it.
  • 01:30:27: sorry for all the tweets today peeps...crazy day. tweets help with my ADD (get the thoughts out of my head). popping benadryl & sleeping
  • 02:18:46: @snowwhiteonacid jeez that was AWFUL!!
  • 11:56:58: You believe that you are on the right track, yet you cannot ig... More for Leo
  • 13:15:34: got my 1st 2 xmas gifts sat & today: Rachael ray Big Orange book (from a friend) & rice cooker/veggie steamer from my parents.
  • 13:16:19: my parents usually ship my gifts early because it's so hard to take on the plane or I help them order them for shipping when I get home.
  • 13:17:40: @agentadvice i love it! i miss seasons. problem is, i like sleeping to the rain so much & it's so rare, i could sleep all day. haha.
  • 13:19:55: @TalentAgentLA yes! congrats. proof that agents will take a chance on non-union peeps.
  • 13:22:20: @actingkeith me too.
  • 13:23:03: @JohnDeVore they call it a red eye cuz they stole that term from local coffee shops they forced out of business.
  • 13:23:57: @OGOchoCinco that does NOT look fun. take care of yourself, man.
  • 13:24:34: @transmothra hey, it won me a nice purse on a game show once. I'm a pop culture goddess (even was in h.s.)
  • 13:29:46: @OGOchoCinco wtf is with the traffic? Don't tell me Ohio has traffic problems now! I don't want that when I come home later this month!
  • 13:35:30: @bcuban i was pissed when he left OSU early, now I'm saying "thank god!" yet Buckeyes have their own injury woes now. Turner...ouch!
  • 13:37:15: @Rhiannon2408 i put up my tree too yesterday. Jason helped me.
  • 13:37:46: @snowwhiteonacid i'm gonna bring you out of your shell! woot! Want me to "reinvent" you at the gym as well?
  • 13:39:00: @stephenfry man, tiger woods ain't got hoes in area codes...that dude got hoes in zip codes.
  • 14:11:48: @jamesbaltazar you gotta act fast on that wishi list. haha
  • 14:13:53: Xmas wishlist:
  • 15:01:11: @snowwhiteonacid we bring our own damn music.
  • 16:20:56: i normally don't do #musicmonday, but you should listen to and follow @DanielBedingfld
  • 16:24:22: RT @darrenrovell1: The markup of HR 390, "The College FB Playoffs Act" will go before a House subcommittee at 10 a.m. this Wednesday.
  • 16:40:48: @TheBigLead yeah just wait until he's right when Florida rolls Cincy in that bowl game
  • 17:12:10: Gym time. Ankle doesn't like cold & rain. Shouldn't have played "hurt" in college.
  • 18:37:03: Clausen goes higher than tebow. Mark it
  • 19:13:21: RT @ButtersSquirrel: if you are thinking of getting a pet(s) for the holidays, please consider adopting from a shelter!
  • 21:03:13: duuude! my parents didn't mess around with this rice cooker/food steamer. I can even make Irish oatmeal in it!
  • 22:48:14: hell yes! Go Nate!!!! I just fell in love with you all over again! (and now you're going to make that lust simmer until March) #gossipgirl
  • 23:31:26: awesome! The Survivor finale is going to be while I'm home! this & Gossip Girl are "bonding" shows w/ me & my mom. blog importance why later

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