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From Twitter 12-06-2009

  • 00:19:27: conspiracy theorist would say that the BCS said "find a way to put 1 second back on the clock" to give Texas a chance to prevent chaos
  • 00:42:38: @JillianMichaels I wanna go to the finale. I'm local (no travel worry), I have tues off work, work out at @24hourfitness & i think you rock!
  • 02:19:03: if u are a young hot single celeb/athlete, watch this and don't be like Tiger Woods:
  • 02:21:22: You may respond too quickly to someone's invitation today and ... More for Leo
  • 02:22:38: No plans to be one of the first ones at the audition tomorrow. Like a gymnastics meet, the highest scores aren't coming in the early rounds
  • 02:26:25: I think @bonniegillespie once addressed timing with regards to auditions once, but I can't find the link. too early, too late, etc.
  • 02:32:41: BTW, I just found out the new season of "1000 Ways to Die" starts on Wednesday (don't know when my episode airs, just set the season pass)
  • 03:07:54: @OGOchocinco damn u!!! I can't stop saying "child please" & I got my 71-yr-old mom saying it too!
  • 10:26:34: The psyche out has begun. I whipped out my modeling book & watched the eyes of 3 girls ahead of me instantly suck me into their head.
  • 10:47:42: There is a LOT of bad hair, clothes & way too much makeup at this audition
  • 10:52:30: I also love when people think u have your headphones on & can't hear them.
  • 11:25:17: @Wolffem no but u saw the "oh shit" in their eyes & it's all over from there most of the time.
  • 11:25:45: @Wolffem lot is filled. Line is around building
  • 11:51:10: @Wolffem I have my bright red coat on, get the girl behind me she came from CO
  • 11:52:30: @Wolffem it's totes around the building now. One of the producers just asked me questions in line
  • 12:22:02: The tranny hooker contingency just walked in. Egads! Child please!
  • 12:22:29: @Wolffem #72 and they are on 33
  • 12:34:40: Some 50yr old woman stole Jem's pink outfit the the 80s & is wearing it
  • 13:18:36: @Wolffem I actually think I'm not moving on. They didn't ask me additional questions & they didn't ask me to take another picture
  • 13:28:30: @Wolffem it's only halfway around the building now. I left
  • 14:03:17: @Wolffem they put an A on mine, but the next girl had a 1. i've moved into a pissed mood now. might change flight & go to C'bus.
  • 14:09:48: well....THAT kinda sucked. Somehow I don't think I'm moving on to the next round which is BS because I can outmodel most if not all there.
  • 14:27:21: @elizabeth_ann the producers.
  • 16:41:52: @Wolffem they wrote on top corner of the applications. what did they put on yours?
  • 16:42:24: @Wolffem well the girl with the 1 on her app got asked more questions after they dismissed us.
  • 16:51:37: @snowwhiteonacid this is just ridic.
  • 17:03:15: @snowwhiteonacid i'm pretty sure i'm out. After i did the group producer meeting, they said "you'll get an email if we want you back 2morow"
  • 17:03:49: @snowwhiteonacid but...i'm sure the only people getting emails are the ones who got asked xtra questions and had extra pictures taken.
  • 17:11:32: @Wolffem I'm still debating going to C' the same time, i'm realizing that i might just be TOO experienced for them.
  • 17:16:59: @Wolffem they filmed me in the line, but that's because they said "who wants to talk" and I jumped at it....competitiveness displayed.
  • 17:17:36: debating gym, nap or bw3.
  • 17:55:27: You know...Weis might suck, but I don't think he would be spouting off about Pete Carroll w/o some suspicion. investigate that ish!
  • 17:58:05: ok, i'm going to suck it up and go to the gym.
  • 19:33:09: @Wolffem it's not mean if it's true & in the heat of competition. Fuck that. Yep...reality agenda
  • 19:38:17: So pissed right now. I might kill myself during this workout & then drown sorrow in boneless buffalo wings
  • 19:41:47: @jaycrawfordespn I'd call into work "dead" or with Ebola. Oh wait, I can watch games at work! Haha
  • 19:44:01: @espnext_jerry yes! I've been killing myself for a month for an audition that went NOWHERE today!!!
  • 19:51:39: @michaeldempster don't make fun of that little girl. She is like 4. Jk haha
  • 20:30:16: fyi, normally I wouldn't bitch about an audition but it's just so ridic. drowning sorrows in buffalo wings, bubank b-dubs, 8:15 be there.
  • 22:01:01: @elizadushku @OGOchocinco loves his Snuggie
  • 22:05:30: Oh glorious bites of chicken dipped in hot sauce, I wish I knew how to quit u. #buffalowildwings (& I tried blazin..child please!)
  • 23:39:38: OMG! I totally relate to Addison on Private Practice from a few weeks ago with the cat and the karma thing.

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