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From Twitter 12-05-2009

  • 00:55:43: Worked cart outside tonight selling cider and cocoa. Ironically, I'm freezing now haha & my tummy is over cider
  • 01:31:07: @_marramarie_ talk to my friend Kelly, she's originally from there.
  • 02:18:13: @JillianMichaels tea with ginger & honey for that throat, missy! take it from someone who has done theater.
  • 02:20:37: Although the Moon's midday entry into your sign increases the ... More for Leo
  • 03:30:02: Love this question: "how competitive are you?" does the term "would sell my own mother" mean anything? scale of 1-10, I'm like a 20.
  • 03:32:25: to quote @OGOchoCinco "child please". I am so competitive, I aimed balls at people when I played college tennis. @julzharlz can verify this.
  • 03:34:37: #2009Faillist The Gosslins (go away), Hard Rock Cafe, 99-cent store Spencer Pratt that I kicked to the curb, the REAL Pratts, Larry Dolan
  • 11:59:29: @Wolffem early as possible, 10am. End of story.
  • 12:33:55: @_marramarie_ yeah because there is no acting work there. You would have work
  • 12:56:29: @Wolffem good, they can be my warm-up act because it's actually proven that being first is not adventageous
  • 12:57:07: @_marramarie_ she wouldn't know. She was only a teen there.
  • 13:02:50: I think my game face just switched on
  • 13:22:55: @_marramarie_ you can ask her. she's on my facebook, just send her a message. she doesn't bite.
  • 13:47:12: And if you're wondering why the game face is on...HUGE modeling tv show audition tomorrow.
  • 13:48:31: Someone got me Rachael Ray "Big Orange Book" for xmas. Who wants dinner? I need a nice, hot guy to cook for every now and then.
  • 14:19:25: @snowwhiteonacid i ran out of characters, but Lucky Devils is EPIC FAIL!
  • 14:27:56: it's power nap time until 2, then i have to dig out the xmas ish. working the cart outside the ice rink again, come buy cider from me!
  • 15:19:52: Heisman SUPPOSED to be best college football player not best OFFENSIVE college player. Nebraska's Ndamukong Suh gets screwed for playing D
  • 22:22:09: @jamesbaltazar someone needs to hack that fucking computer but at the same time it pleases me to see cincy crushed
  • 23:53:43: Damn you Texas, you were supposed to make drama & lose. At least we all got to see Tebow cry like the bitch he is.

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