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From Twitter 12-04-2009

  • 01:16:22: That horrible Jessica Simpson joins the army movie is on at the gym. Bad acting runs in the family
  • 02:21:54: You could be feeling like the calm in the center of a storm to... More for Leo
  • 03:29:21: if you have any journalism connections in L.A., I'd love if they would help with Write Girl event downtown on Sat Dec 12. private msg me.
  • 03:29:56: @lindsaylohan just google it or go to and reverse lookup
  • 03:30:33: my cat has a serious case of the crazies tonight. I hope this doesn't mean shake, rattle and roll later.
  • 04:05:39: i might skip spin tomorrow morning and go at night (if i don't get called into work). fighting tendonitis in my knee again.
  • 13:28:05: On my way to @souplantation
  • 14:17:40: @MyTrainerBob Cincinnati 3, 4 or 5 way chili...well that and you'll understand why everyone is fat in my homestate
  • 14:25:36: I seriously have to choose between my blood and my ancestal blood?!? Shit! Do I have to take down my union Jack?
  • 14:26:49: I love u Twitter. I think u know why ;)
  • 14:28:30: I am all over @souplantation like a fat kid at an all u can eat buffet. Oh wait, this IS all u can eat....I'm just eating healthy stuff! Ha!
  • 15:59:37: @jamesbaltazar thanx...yeah ppl should follow me. I'm funny & know my sports. Not cocky, just fact
  • 16:00:02: @chezjacque sugar free choc pudding
  • 16:18:09: Bored, time to kill before work. Having a "how am I supposed to hit if I can't lift my arms" day. Too much gym lately, but I need it

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