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From Twitter 12-03-2009

  • 00:45:24: My open letter to Grady Sizemore, re: his naughty pix:
  • 01:15:23: all these f'n romantic couple jewelry commercials are pissing me the hell off.
  • 01:26:55: @DanielBedingfld Happy nephew's bday would also be today if he was still alive. same age too (not to be debbie downer)
  • 01:32:12: My nephew would be 30 today if he were still alive. I miss you Michael, but I would not be doing what I'm doing had u not inspired me. RIP
  • 01:37:08: @snowwhiteonacid yes!! i want to make a parody of that one. we were making fun of it at work.
  • 02:19:31: @SaraJBenincasa i'm going to tempt you by writing funny scandalous shit that you can't help but respond & retweet! haha.
  • 02:21:02: On the surface, things appear to be going well. But a gnawing ... More for Leo
  • 02:21:25: Just when u think the emotions have been repressed & time has healed wounds....nope. the next 10 days or so might be rough. fasten seatbelts
  • 02:22:23: And if you're wondering why: 12/3/95: my nephew turned 16; 12/13/95: he was killed w/ his driver's ed teacher.
  • 03:56:20: @Jfavreau his driver's ed car hit a patch of ice and had a head-on with a snow plow. 1st day behind the wheel. he & teacher died instantly.
  • 04:45:32: ok, tweeted way 2 much today. stayed up too late, but DVR is lighter now. haha. Niedermayer (the cat, not the hockey player) & I must sleep
  • 13:05:22: @OGOchoCinco My parents have been married over 50 years & there's been no straying (that I know of).
  • 13:06:18: @HarloweBlonde yes she does. did you know my 1st la roomie used to be her assistant around 2001?
  • 13:36:23: Photobucket sucks. Tried to use to print @ Target & pick up 8x10. Can't upload high res w/o a pro account.
  • 14:41:46: @Wolffem already did it at target through one of their other providers.
  • 14:47:25: @Wolffem i will be after I print up these pix
  • 14:59:06: if i left some frozen peas in my microwave overnight, do you think they are ok to eat?
  • 15:01:12: @snowwhiteonacid well that would require knowing someone who knows how to film & edit & everyone I know will never work with me :(
  • 15:12:21: @OGOchoCinco i was fighting Target and trying to order pix for my modeling portfolio online.
  • 15:13:52: @CocksWithP I'm possibly screwed when I get bigger in the acting/modeling world. I'll chalk it up to being dumb, young & in love.
  • 15:28:33: @CocksWithP here's what happens when sexy pix go wrong:
  • 15:29:30: my mom told me to toss the peas. haha.
  • 15:31:27: @sarajbenincasa how many red bulls did you down before you recorded chic cocktail this week? "LIGHT IT ON FIRE!!!!"
  • 15:46:57: @CocksWithP i'm sending you an email. too long for twitter!
  • 17:00:18: @CocksWithP take me out to the ballgame......go Indians!
  • 17:00:58: @CocksWithP listening on iPhone app!!
  • 17:12:19: @SaraJBenincasa go back on my Twitter. I linked them on Sunday when they came out or go to
  • 17:13:38: @SaraJBenincasa don't steal my man, Benincasa! I call Ohio-Indians fan dibs first @cockswithp can verify!
  • 17:20:51: @SaraJBenincasa just a regular dr or you could go to an orthopedist
  • 21:05:28: @sarajbenincasa & @littleleap let me know if you'd like to join Grady's Ladies (the official team club) haha
  • 23:25:55: Just got off subway from work, time to hit the gym

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