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From Twitter 12-02-2009

  • 00:39:15: @rockinrobinp he is like Elton John & Freddie mercury had a baby. I love him. Hey what are u doing tomorrow or thur day?
  • 00:41:44: @estepmike yes dec 16-27. I'm having a gathering at a bdubs on the 18th for my college & hs peeps...others too
  • 01:40:06: @rockinrobinp yeah, he is. I was going to pick your brain for what to wear for my "She's Got The Look" audition on Sunday
  • 02:22:04: This can be quite a social day with the Full Moon visiting you... More for Leo
  • 02:34:51: @elizabeth_ann welcome to my world every time I go home to ohio
  • 04:01:13: heather locklear...what the HELL did you do to your face, sister? I still love you on Melrose Place though. The bitch is back!
  • 04:13:26: okay, job interview tomorrow for hopefully a better restaurant that will let me have ONLY PM availability.
  • 04:34:45: Sleep well. Zzzzzzzz.
  • 13:11:48: @thegregjohnson he looks like there is an inner fattie
  • 13:12:59: @jamesbaltazar that chick was on tool academy 1 & got dumped when the guy's REAL girlfriend showed up. She really likes being the other girl
  • 13:14:22: @SuzieMcNeil have some chili 3-way while in the Nasty-nati. Skyline preferably. Guarantee it rocks
  • 13:14:58: @rockinrobinp I think I only have ur email & Twitter
  • 13:16:42: Going to job interview in Weho. Hate parking cuz all the signs make me paranoid even though I'm legally parked
  • 13:44:11: @gradysize24 sometimes, sadly yes. It sucks.
  • 13:45:03: Yes, sometimes they are & it sucks RT @gradysize24 are secrets to much for this world to handle?
  • 13:50:17: I have a rocking body & the idea is clever, but I've decided no parody shoot out of respect for @gradysize24 & my team loyalty. Go Tribe!
  • 15:00:53: At the gym & testing my sirius iPhone app. Ish better work or I'm yelling at @cockswithp & @sarajbenincasa j/k haha
  • 16:36:03: Color me fangirl! Marshall from Alias is at my freaking gym!!!
  • 17:34:53: @SaraJBenincasa you're works. drains the shit out of my battery, but it works.
  • 17:57:40: @SaraJBenincasa Leighton Meester for a girl. Neil Patrick Harris for a guy.
  • 18:17:27: @OGOchoCinco wait....what are you doing wearing a Raiders hat?!!?
  • 21:46:03: if i don't get my work schedule soon, i'm going to get really p'd off. it's supposed be posted by wed @ 5pm, i believe.
  • 21:47:03: @LasVegasAngel that's bs. probably some irresponsible twat, i'm guessing?
  • 22:53:32: i would kill for a giant ass frappacino right now.
  • 23:05:15: BTW, I saw a hooker on Hollywood Blvd tonight when I was going to Fresh & Easy. I'm sure she was easy, but she definitely wasn't fresh.
  • 23:15:28: @bonniegillespie welcome back.
  • 23:53:40: dammit! i lost my phone in my apt! someone freaking call it if you have the number. don't leave a voicemail, just keep calling.
  • 23:56:37: FOUND IT! haha, buried in the suitcase of clothes i was unpacking from my film shoot.

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