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From Twitter 12-01-2009

  • 01:17:03: @SaraJBenincasa I was getting my ass handed to me around 6:10 so no brostrologer for me.
  • 01:28:26: yes!!! Chuck just said "play grab ass" on Gossip Girl!!! love it!!
  • 01:33:50: Yes!!!! This is almost a rich-person's white trash thanksgiving. Fighting, scrapping & driz-ama-rama!!! Thank you Gossip Girl!
  • 02:20:25: You are excited when you think about the future, but it's hard... More for Leo
  • 04:24:50: "She's Got The Look" audition on Sunday. I will do ANYTHING to get on that show! Strictly business not there to make friends.
  • 04:41:57: No, i will NOT be making a parody Grady Sizemore photo series like I did for A-Rod. Stop asking!
  • 14:21:40: @collectivee what you know about buckeyes?
  • 14:26:11: @jamesbaltazar thank jesus....down with the Patriots
  • 14:26:18: #red Please show your support for the fight to end to scourge of Aids today by supporting the cause of World Aids Day 2009.
  • 14:27:48: @CosmoOnline she looks like a goth queen, but I don't care how she looks as long as she takes her bad acting away from Melrose Place.
  • 14:30:11: @LsRccrd what? are you saying I don't have the body to shoot a parody like that?!?! hmmmmm j/k
  • 14:37:47: @JohnDeVore darn...this means our love can never be. so sad haha
  • 14:49:58: Damn you you got the wheels moving & i'm thinking of funny, clever ways to parody Grady Sizemore's naughty pix.
  • 14:51:02: time to get ready for work. slept in, didn't go to gym, @JillianMichaels would yell at me so I swear I'm going after work.
  • 15:18:25: @CocksWithP I think the Grady sizemore naked pix is a juicier story than Tiger. Rumor is his own gf leaked the pix to get a reality show
  • 15:20:59: @CocksWithP that being said obvi Grady didn't hear rule 1 re: naughty pix: don't include your face!!! Go Indians! Haha
  • 16:12:32: @bcuban dude just go to espnzone in times square
  • 18:56:28: @simpsonatc22 remember bot to spoil it for west coast
  • 19:06:02: I miss cheeseburgers & fries. No bad cheats until I reach the goal though.
  • 22:23:18: @jamesbaltazar please tell me Jillian said that on TBL
  • 22:25:09: Thank u lakers fans for more money
  • 22:25:35: Now it's subway back to hwood & gym
  • 22:33:12: @estepmike I'm not I'm trying to get down to a 2
  • 23:41:27: Ovechkin is a dumbass. Gets suspended for knee on knee & injures himself. Double whammy. Dumber: dude from Panthers took out own goalie

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