Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

From Twitter 11-29-2009

  • 01:06:14: oh god, i'm going to bawl watching 90210 cuz Jackie Taylor (Kelly's mom) is dying.
  • 01:07:59: @jamesbaltazar look at our graduation rate. it's actually increasing as more players decide 4 yrs w/ The Vest is good.
  • 01:22:42: @Rhiannon2408 i would take a bubble bath, but i'm so tired, I might pass out & drown.
  • 01:26:06: gym must be paying off, had to balance in a plank pose today for my film, crew guy says "man, look at those triceps!"
  • 02:19:57: You are feeling rather upbeat today, but you still must be car... More for Leo
  • 14:04:20: @LsRccrd hello Grady's Ladies!
  • 14:06:54: @Deadspin well i know THIS Grady's Lady is thinking national holiday. apparently it's tea, not milk that does the body good.
  • 14:07:10: RT @LsRccrd: RT @Deadspin: Grady Sizemore Does His Bit To Increase Our Female Readership #mlb #gra ...
  • 14:11:19: Goal: become famous or infamous enough that I can say: Seize him....and bring him to me. Re: whatever hot baseball player I want.
  • 14:23:22: @SaraJBenincasa what if they have solo sexytime on your sofabed and don't tell you? are they still non-sexytime houseguests?
  • 14:44:01: @elizabeth_ann you are at target and well, puppies like to smell fresh and fruity just like humans.
  • 15:05:36: ok, time to get ready for work.
  • 15:08:23: @SaraJBenincasa Dear GIB: My boyfriend just lays there & is full of hot air.
  • 21:15:55: I love working the bar areas at work for lakers games. Easy money, couple hrs work max!
  • 21:17:25: If you have not seen the Grady sizemore deadspin nearly naked pix yet. Hurry up before they are gone as they are apparently stolen
  • 22:22:23: @DanielBedingfld hey, heard a slowed down version of "The One" on Melrose Place. congrats!
  • 22:29:58: watching Melrose Place...Sydney's bday is the same day as mine! haha.
  • 22:44:42: @Rhiannon2408 what do you need, doll?
  • 23:25:17: hell yeah....the doctor/hooker on Melrose Place is supposed to be from Cincinasty and mentioned Skyline Chili! haha.
  • 23:30:00: Now THIS is the Melrose Place I remember...Praise Heather Locklear, the original bitch is back.
  • 23:55:00: the girl on girl action on Melrose was hotter than the 3-some on Gossip Girl.
  • 23:55:33: @SaraJBenincasa haven't yet, but will because I <3 sports movies.
  • 23:58:01: holy crap..Melrose is using some REALLY old music. I'm pretty sure that's a Rosey song from like 2004.

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