Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

From Twitter 11-28-2009

  • 00:43:02: shower and sleep time. tomorrow, i have to film in my underwear. please let me have a skinny day tomorrow!
  • 02:20:05: Be on the alert for anyone who tries to sell you a bill of goo... More for Leo
  • 10:11:18: @bcuban well all one had to do was look at a-rod to say that. He's not that hot & neither is Tiger
  • 11:47:01: @HarloweBlonde I'm going to disagree with regards to The Biggest Loser which actually inspires people to get off the couch
  • 11:48:33: Back on set. Filming makeout scenes in my undies. It's so not sexy or hot. These scenes are so technical & not what you think they would be
  • 12:42:10: @ephanypdx with both of them.
  • 12:43:24: @HarloweBlonde those idiot shows like "real housewives" can bugger off though
  • 14:58:32: @bcuban I heart u Cuban boys but king James all the way today. Stickin to my Ohio roots
  • 18:17:10: Athletes with add/ADHD have faster reaction times & are less likely to dwell on mistakes or losses
  • 19:03:18: Just did yoga with my inflatible almost wrapped
  • 20:29:08: @BeatnikBetty congrats
  • 20:29:44: @OGOchoCinco you should find a local family to "adopt" u at least for holiday dinners
  • 20:30:24: @jamesbaltazar yet tressel will have a job after Monday & weis will not
  • 20:39:48: @jamesbaltazar pryor is being developed into a 4-yr player
  • 22:12:52: @LittleLeaP supposedly, he's following on here, but until i see that verified badge, i'm calling fake, haha.
  • 22:13:59: Another movie in the can. My inflatible boyfriend may have knocked me up. hahaha.
  • 22:14:28: @espnext_jerry you're not the only one.
  • 23:21:23: catching up on DVR: 90210...Pink's Hot Dogs & Edison in the ep. I've been both places. even once took my parents to Pinks.

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