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From Twitter 11-27-2009

  • 01:14:40: @david_bu yes, i would scold them. A good rivalry has respect! see: OSU-Michigan, Yankees-Red Sox.
  • 01:17:12: @david_bu Miami has savages too. they once dumped paint on the FSU marching band. It's classless & tacky.
  • 01:32:49: okay, shower and bed time. @JillianMichaels killed me with her Shred on on-demand. filming in the morning.
  • 01:36:48: NFL proves No Fun League again by booking another boring, safe, over 50 act for Super Bowl halftime. send thank u cards to Justin Timberlake
  • 02:19:57: You may be quite excited about your future, yet there are stil... More for Leo
  • 02:24:59: Off to sleep. Stay safe shoppers & if u have some leftover cash, show my amazon wish list some love. Thanx
  • 09:24:42: I'm filming west of the 405 in "the valley" we know my feelings on this. Too early need mucho coffee
  • 09:25:34: Btw check out @OGOchoCinco's black Friday shopping pix. He could be america's next top model haha
  • 09:59:20: Attn: fame whore party crashers & balloon boys. If u don't stop, u will ruin reality tv for all of us! (and I need my guilty pleasures)
  • 11:16:13: My inflatible boyfriend for my film shoot
  • 12:25:18: @SaraJBenincasa hopefully your reunion doesn't have door prizes like a case of motor oil & a gift cert. to a tractor/feed supply store
  • 15:04:50: Lunch time on film set.
  • 15:10:23: @SaraJBenincasa hey girl, my character in my film is a bit of an agoraphobe. Using what I learned in agorafab. as inspiration.
  • 15:26:01: @snowwhiteonacid my blow up boy must have manorexia....he's not eating lunch with us
  • 16:46:17: Dear @sephora I want philosophy body wash, smashbox foundation, new pro brushes & dkny red delecious perfure #sephoraclause
  • 18:34:50: I'm having a tickle fight with a blow-up doll.
  • 19:38:29: I just learned basic waltz steps for my film. Look out Dancing With The Stars! Last scene of the day, I think.
  • 20:56:40: So I lied. 2 more shots tonight.
  • 21:56:26: Wrapped for the day

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