Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

From Twitter 11-26-2009

  • 02:20:10: Your creative juices are flowing today, whether you are workin... More for Leo
  • 03:27:12: Dear Santa, here is my Xmas list:
  • 04:53:05: @gradysize24 Happy Thanksgiving. When did you get on Twitter? Did LaPorta suck you into it? Go Tribe 2010!
  • 04:57:32: Ok, way past my bedtime, but housework done so I don't have to worry about it w/ holiday & then 2 days of filming.
  • 04:59:23: And I'm probably going to the gym tomorrow before going to my cousin's in Lakewood for turkey. Huge audition in 10 days, competitive edge!
  • 13:30:19: Turkey with my cousins in Lakewood before work. I'm rolling near Compton punks!
  • 13:31:08: @bonniegillespie how weird is it to be out of country on turkey day? I did that last year in Aruba
  • 13:35:33: @MyTrainerBob I'm going to do Jillian's shred on my free on-demand cable after work. Btw, many ppl have free exercise vids & don't know
  • 15:53:59: Turkey down, work now. Hopefully dead & I get to go home
  • 15:54:39: @SaraJBenincasa tell granny to pay for the show like the rest of us! Jk
  • 20:24:41: RT @OGOchoCinco RT this for a chance to win a signed jersey tonight.Get the #ochocinco app here:
  • 23:20:21: @LsRccrd those morons were in line at the best buy in burbank on wednesday!
  • 23:28:36: hope everyone had a great thanksgiving, ate with my cousin today. Just got my workout in, now I have to prep for my film shoot tomorrow.
  • 23:28:56: @LsRccrd probably take turns.

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