Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey Day everyone! I'm thankful for all of you. Even though I might not comment a lot, I read every day and I'm really trying to write more as well (silly Twitter steals me away from time to time).

I spent the day with my cousin, her husband & their 4 kids for a quick dinner at hubby's cousin's house. Excellent dinner. Where I learned that Mexicans don't need forks and knives, just a tortilla to eat (don't think that's racist or anything, it was said by someone who is Mexican). I jokingly claimed a whole crockpot of mashed potatoes for myself (because that's what the Irish do, haha). much food. It was hard to behave, but I found a way to keep the moderation.

Then I bolted to work & was mostly bored out of my mind. I did have another thanksgiving dinner though because work provided a turkey dinner for all of us who had to work.

Just got my workout on and now i have to get things gathered for my film shoot which will be friday & saturday about 11 hrs each day. fun times.
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