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From Twitter 11-25-2009

  • 02:10:16: about to watch @OGOchoCinco on Jimmy Fallon. Hope it's online later so i can send link to my mama...WAY past her bedtime.
  • 02:20:28: You have the chance now to demonstrate your special love to a ... More for Leo
  • 02:23:55: Gap ads show up everywhere, a cash register stabs my heart with its cha-ching & then I yell "damn you eyes!" but then grateful 4 my LASIK.
  • 03:54:53: Biggest Loser was bittersweet. DWTS actually made me happy because of the winning pro.
  • 04:05:48: @snowwhiteonacid you know what? that knitting class is the same day as SGTL audition so I can't do it. maybe we could do a private?
  • 04:19:52: time for bed. playing tennis with Kelly in the morning. first time playing again since before my eye surgery. swear i played in college!
  • 04:37:30: Oh awesome agent in Ohio @HeymanTalent is going to try to get me some quick gigs in the short time that I'm home for Xmas.
  • 12:50:24: @ledbylove fuck PETA! I tell them that PETA stands for People Eating Tasty Animals. I'm a buckeye but I find Uga cute
  • 12:50:40: RT @ledbylove RT @WSB_TV: PETA wants to replace Uga with a robot. Details @
  • 12:51:36: @bcuban they pardon turkeys every year
  • 12:53:15: @snowwhiteonacid well we could do a private for as much as the class was going to be
  • 13:03:02: Time for tennis with Kelly. My cat is mad I won't let him attack the tennis balls. Don't want to work on thanksgiving
  • 13:13:57: "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" -Kate moss. Obviously, Kate has never been to @souplantation & i doubt she's ever hit a gym too
  • 14:41:13: @ledbylove i know! UGA's are not having heart attacks because they are mistreated. I think it's a genetic thing in that line.
  • 14:42:26: @HarloweBlonde of course she's skinny w/o ever hitting a gym. that's what coke does.
  • 14:43:06: @OGOchoCinco yep...we all have those days. I've had some BOMB auditions that I just come home and cry afterwards.
  • 14:43:51: RT @ESPNZoneLALIVE: WE ARE OPEN ON THANKSGIVING! From 11a-7p w/ a turkey dinner special and pro football on our HD screens. So come spen ...
  • 14:47:18: I just got called for a 2nd interview at a place I don't even recall having a 1st interview at. Now gym time @24hourfitness
  • 16:19:18: I hate u treadmill. Die in a fire, burn in hell. I do love eating though. Welcome to my love/hate relationship
  • 17:01:42: More proof that USC fans are savages: UCLA's mascot statue vandalized w/ red & gold paint. Even Michigan fans don't try that at Ohio St.
  • 17:43:29: @david_bu it's called respect for your rival. Hence why mich-osu is CONSTANTLY voted the greatest rivalry ever. Take it out on the field
  • 18:17:49: #iamthankfulfor all 325 of my followers...the famous, the not-famous, the gonna-be famous, the infamous....u make me feel loved :)
  • 18:21:19: @julzharlz I love Rodman. I wish he and Madonna could've made it work. haha.
  • 21:51:47: I got 4 individually wrapped bagels for $0.48 @Fresh_and_Easy. freeze those puppies & pop them out when I'm on the go!
  • 22:58:34: my cousin just invited me to Thanksgiving before I go to work tomorrow. hell yeah!
  • 23:30:42: i want to cry watching parts of The Biggest Loser: Where Are They Now.

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