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From Twitter 11-24-2009

  • 00:03:35: @jamesbaltazar i'll see your Comcast and raise you a Time-Warner.
  • 00:46:02: @JillianMichaels I just did your 30-day shred 1 on my on-demand cable. I'm sorry I called you all those nasty names around minute 12.
  • 01:18:41: @snowwhiteonacid nope, Columbia College of Hollywood in Tarzana
  • 02:05:41: @espnext_jerry they just opened a bw's in burbank. I'm in ohio dec 16-27
  • 02:11:39: Mya's freestyle on DWTS could've been something. almost put me to sleep. she didn't even touch her tap experience
  • 02:27:05: It's not enough for you to interact with others as you usually... More for Leo
  • 04:07:54: "the adventure you're ready for is the one you get." I say "bring it, universe" I'm ready to take this city pretty world by storm
  • 04:46:36: @espnext_jerry yeah that's for when I come home. Meeting hs &/or college buds at bw's in beavercreek (f'field commons mall) or Springfield
  • 04:48:57: Bedtime. Strictly business until dec
    6. I might even go to gym on thanksgiving. I want on she's got the look THAT bad
  • 04:50:11: Before I forget... @souplantation dinner was yum!
  • 13:34:56: @agentadvice I'm working....ah life at a sports restaurant :(
  • 15:32:13: this week feels like such a waste with not a lot of auditions happening. I should've went to the gym today too. maybe after work.
  • 17:12:10: @jaycrawfordespn I was by the kitchen from 10:30am til 5-ish except for a half hour around 1. Then 1 of my tables treated me to Lakers game
  • 17:12:55: @jaycrawfordespn bummer :( maybe next time. Btw can't reply directly unless u follow me too
  • 17:18:15: Boy, my mom sure does get fired up about her Bengals. Haha. I know what to get her for Xmas
  • 17:36:49: Work time at "the zone". Kobe Bryant & Spike Lee is here tonight for a contest ticket holder-only event after the game.
  • 17:37:16: @csiriano need models?
  • 20:07:07: Crazy busy night at The Zone! I'm on break

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