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From Twitter 11-23-2009

  • 01:41:47: i can tell i haven't had much sleep the past few days. i can't even focus long enough to watch MacFarlane comedies.
  • 01:44:08: @SaraJBenincasa possibly. when I don't get my sleep, my ADD gets way out of control. going to bed in like 30 min.
  • 02:03:44: ok. def bed distracted like 4 times in 30 seconds, from reading an email to petting cat, to AIM, to twirling my hair.
  • 02:04:49: that being said I'm guessing it will take me like an hour to brush my teeth, wash my face and get ready for bed. haha.
  • 02:05:49: btw, I'm going to @Souplantation for dinner tomorrow night with or without someone else. I'll go by myself. I don't care.
  • 02:20:35: You know that good times are ahead, yet you might be seeing yo... More for Leo
  • 02:46:31: @snowwhiteonacid I think Kelly & I are going to have some
    1 on 1 time since we really haven't since probably before my surgery
  • 02:47:13: @snowwhiteonacid will def subway sometime if my money stays good
  • 13:59:04: @souplantation My favorite item @souplantation is EVERYTHING! haha. Too much good stuff to decide & depends on my mood!
  • 13:59:29: RT @souplantation: "My favorite item @souplantation is ..." - answer by 5pm PT & U could win 4 free meals! 1 fan selected @ random to w ...
  • 14:00:05: @thegregjohnson i saw Will I Am at the Lakers game after the AMAs
  • 14:01:02: @SMFA3 or they sadly becoming frenemies due to competing for similar roles. :(
  • 14:06:20: @bcuban I'm so sick of PC bullshit like this. 1 dude gets his panties in a wad & bam, suspended. I'd tell the dude to lighten the hell up!
  • 14:38:27: @bcuban the dude who complained. seriously...i'm over all this politically correct crap.
  • 14:39:55: @OGOchoCinco depends on what part of NYC you want to go to and what you're looking for.
  • 14:45:19: @bcuban well living in L.A., I will say that some people here are over-sensitive pussies who do shit just for attention at times .
  • 15:09:50: Dear Kelly Clarkson...put down the pork rinds and stop relying on magazines to photoshop you into shape.
  • 15:24:00: @OGOchoCinco it's called Turkey week traveling.
  • 15:26:41: @snowwhiteonacid did you ever find out about the knitting thing?
  • 15:29:54: @Wolffem I found her being in Self magazine to be so hypocritical. how can you promote healthy living when you don't do it yourself?
  • 15:30:46: @Wolffem I'm sure they booked her & then were shocked when she showed up heavier & they had no choice but to photoshop her thinner.
  • 15:33:57: What I say might be mean, but if tax dollars will be paying for health care soon, I don't want 2 pay 4 ppl's self-destructive life choices
  • 15:38:22: @Wolffem no, she was earlier in the year and there was a big stink about it.
  • 15:39:31: time to head to @24hourfitness to get my workout in so I can indulge @souplantation later with Kelly (who doesn't have a twitter)
  • 16:42:08: This workout is about to get painful. I hate running but it's the fastest way to drop weight
  • 17:20:49: @SaraJBenincasa just don't have tarantula eyes like this one girl I know has. She goes thru a tube of Chanel or Dior mascara a week
  • 17:21:42: I tweet & I live after 45min, but I hate u treadmill @24hourfitness
  • 18:01:09: @OGOchoCinco espnzone in a zone throne
  • 18:03:21: @OGOchoCinco talk to my girls
    @littleleap or @sarajbenincasa they are in NYC & probably know great places
  • 18:04:44: @OGOchoCinco did u find someone yet. I work for them in la. I might be able to help better. Reply & let me know
  • 19:09:03: Time for dinner @souplantation with my one of my besties, Kelly. Last year at this time, I was in Aruba.
  • 19:20:48: @juneAmbrose get @OGOchoCinco a fly fit for tomorrow's Jimmy Fallon appearance.
  • 19:55:18: @espnext_jerry duh Ohio state vs Michigan & it's a documentary that hbo sports did a couple years ago
  • 21:53:36: @Almond_Agency maybe dennis rodman married himself again.
  • 21:54:18: @souplantation I love that you have several non-carbonated drink choices like cherry green tea :)
  • 21:56:13: booked another student film. looks like I'll be filming on Black Friday while the rest of you are shopping.
  • 22:03:50: Is it wrong that I want to go back to the gym for another hour of cardio?
  • 23:01:47: @ledbylove i have to work ON thanksgiving!
  • 23:08:47: Is Urban Meyer really getting THIS choked up about Tebow?! seriously? Geez, you'd think he'd given birth to him.
  • 23:36:55: okay, time for workout #2 today...this time at home. yep, gymorexia is back.
  • 23:53:45: Time-Warner gonna get nasty call from me if free on-demand doesn't work after cable box reboot. Need to get my @JillianMichaels shred on

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