Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

From Twitter 11-22-2009

  • 01:06:34: Jasmine Guy is on The Vampire Diaries and either they did a makeup job on her to make her look much older or she hasn't aged well.
  • 02:20:37: An unusual person could arrive on the scene today and distract... More for Leo
  • 03:51:50: Off to bed, work in am. Obsessed with she's got the look audition. Will do anything, no joke & strictly business not looking to make friends
  • 10:54:13: @snowwhiteonacid ut oh what?
  • 10:58:56: Getting out of downtown is going to be hell after work due to American music awards.
  • 11:01:13: There are stupid idiots already lined up to watch the red carpet. Of course they are fat fangirls. I know mean, but true
  • 11:14:19: Dolphins already won this week so I guess I'll show some love to the Bengals & @OGOchocinco
  • 11:25:04: Great, the moron is here at work & by moron, I mean guy who is a trainer but has to ask me how to do things.
  • 14:15:02: These desperate starfuckers waiting outside the AMAs amuse me.
  • 14:17:35: @michaeldempster I think she already knows what love is....with a cheeseburger
  • 14:18:29: @HarloweBlonde corporate isn't the smartest bunch that's for sure
  • 18:59:29: One of my tables is taking me to the lakers game!
  • 20:10:47: @cafe1956 that is pretty bad
  • 20:16:48: Lakers game in the arena club
  • 21:37:16: Jay-z, will I am and fergie are at the lakers game now
  • 22:19:29: @jamesbaltazar no but bynum laid down 2 nasty dunks
  • 23:02:45: Watching this funny bitch Lisa who I adore do stand up at Hyperion tavern.

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