Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Are guys learning this crap in Maxim?

Actually, it has to be somewhere else because I get Maxim (for free) and well....I've never seen this suggested in there. The backhand compliment.

A while back (like a year or so ago), I got the "you're hot too bad you're over 30" message from a guy that was my own age.

A different guy sent me this tonight on an online dating site: "Wow too bad you're a tomboy cuz you are quite the looker and you seem to girl up well(Judging from pics) I however like girly girls I just wanted to pay a well meant compliment
to a hottie:)"

is that really supposed to impress me or make me feel good about myself? Guess what jerkface? IT DOESN'T. It is actually a painful reminder that the stuff I enjoy actually often keeps me from finding a guy because I'm not girly enough.
Tags: dating, los angeles
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