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From Twitter 11-21-2009

  • 00:23:35: for some reason, I just feel so unnerved about the death of Stephanie Spielman. I didn't even know her directly. eff cancer btw.
  • 01:22:20: @SMFA3 good thing that 1 of the top things you get when you google me is a story my hometown paper did on me.
  • 01:54:11: dear gov't: no mammograms until 50?!? Please go tell that the the Spielman family. Stefanie was 31 when diagnosed, dead at 42!
  • 02:21:04: Your commitment to a family member may be brought into questio... More for Leo
  • 02:38:34: time to watch "Michigan vs Ohio State: The Game" documentary. yearly tradition. if you have not seen it, do so.
  • 02:40:38: Correction on the title: "Michigan vs Ohio State: The Rivalry"
  • 02:57:22: You know....sometimes, I wish Tressel would just go for 2 because he couldn't go for 3. I miss Woody.
  • 03:12:40: "have you been to Michigan? The entire state smells like hot dog water" (yes, I have & yes it does)
  • 03:45:20: I heard they're replacing the sod at The Big House in Ann Arbor with cardboard because Michigan always looks better on paper.
  • 03:46:00: @espnext_jerry try more like 6....sorry, tradition comes first. Making buckeyes and watching "The Rivalry" now i will shower & sleep.
  • 03:47:06: @fallenwiccan I just made a livejournal post about that too. They start smears here at 18 or so (probably cuz we're all horny whores)
  • 03:48:15: are you a natural red head? does the carpet match the drapes? #questionyouhate
  • 10:20:32: GO BUCKEYES!!!!
  • 10:30:41: guy for michigan, nickname is shoelace, cuz he doesn't tie his shoes. truth be told, he is probably too stupid & doesn't know how.
  • 10:51:39: @MSU_BASKETBALL1 this is michigan you are talking about.....they have no class, just self-inflated arrogance.
  • 10:59:22: come on, defense. wtf. stop these damn small ass passes.
  • 11:02:24: Ohio State vs. michigan.... O-H... where my Buckeyes at?
  • 11:19:38: "You got knocked the fuck out" -OSU player to Michigan player after that last punt
  • 11:30:07: I love how ABC keeps showing Michigan fans yawning.
  • 11:59:41: fell asleep at hafltime
  • 12:13:40: let pryor thrown the effin ball, tressel!
  • 12:15:15: The Vest needs to listen to me sometimes.
  • 12:23:50: RT @jeffsleasman: Once I was hooking up with a girl from Michigan. She asked for a Dirty Sanchez. I asked why the F. She said the smell ...
  • 12:36:16: stop these sucky bitches, Buckeyes
  • 12:39:49: if this isn't ruled an INT, I want to check the ref's bank account for a check from Rich Rod.
  • 12:48:09: hahahaha! you can hear the O-H...I-O chant! that has to piss the Michigan fans off to hear that in their house
  • 12:50:44: T. Forcier.....the T stands for Turnover. suck it Michigan!
  • 12:54:30: come on defense.
  • 12:59:53: And Turnover Forcier gives the ball back to the Buckeyes. I heard transfer rumors, but I didn't know he was playing for OSU today #Michigan
  • 13:02:56: Really getting sick of the Iphone bashing commercials from Droid and Verizon.
  • 13:11:15: SUCK IT MICHIGAN!
  • 13:13:07: @jaycrawfordespn we should send Turnover Forcier a thank you card with a nice box of buckeyes candy.
  • 13:13:42: @jaycrawfordespn pop in the espnzone and say hello manana
  • 13:16:23: would it be wrong of me to send Turnover Forcier a thank you card w/ a nice box of Buckeyes candies?
  • 13:23:10: (to Monkees' Daydream Believer) Cheer up, Wolverines. Oh, what can it mean? To a head coach debacle and a shit football team! #Michigan
  • 13:37:43: 2191 Days without a Michigan win over the Buckeyes!
  • 13:54:15: RT @miklasz: Baseball fans everywhere should wish the great Stan Musial a happy 89th birthday t'day.
  • 13:55:14: okay, it's nap time. i'm so tired I just thought to myself that i had to take contacts out to do not for months. haha.
  • 14:12:13: anyone feel like going to the @souplantation for dinner tonight with me?
  • 16:40:26: @SaraJBenincasa picture of the hair??
  • 16:43:22: @cafe1956 I think i'm contractually obligated to due to the fact THE Ohio State Univ gave me a degree.
  • 18:00:27: @OGOchoCinco i am soooooooooo in. hopefully i'm online when you do the contest.
  • 18:23:44: okay...taking my ass to the gym like a good girl.
  • 19:08:56: Making fun of Michigan is seriously beyond kicking a kitten or puppy at this point
  • 20:11:39: @bcuban there is NO way USC can rose bowl. They are like 4th in PAC 10 at best
  • 20:14:06: @LACommAgent that's why I'm looking for a new restaurant job. They require I have AM availability that doesnt work with same-day auditions
  • 20:15:14: Some jackass who treats one of my friends like shit is following me here. Buddy, u are lucky I don't live close to u. I'd kick u in the nuts
  • 21:10:24: Time for a spontaneous actor gathering

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