Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

From Twitter 11-20-2009

  • 00:29:22: I just got a personal invite to audition for She's Got the Look after a casting director saw my Model Mayhem profile.
  • 01:02:43: why don't cialis/viagra commercial show how it REALLY is? an old dude with some barely legal trophy chick younger than his kids.
  • 01:04:05: same with pregnancy the chick crying & screaming "DON'T BE A PLUS SIGN!!!! I'LL NEVER HAVE UNPROTECTED SEX AGAIN! I PROMISE!"
  • 01:08:15: okay, time for like 4 hrs sleep so i can be back at work at 6am. seriously, this should be massively illegal.
  • 01:30:35: @elizabeth_ann no I really wasn't and sometimes they've wanted me there until midnight & back at 6am. I give up those shifts every time
  • 01:31:37: @elizabeth_ann but good to know for the future. Don't think I won't pull the 8-hr thing another time
  • 01:32:52: Who needs a wildcat when Ricky williams decides to run like the cops are chasing him (for weed possession). Go dolphins. Now sleep
  • 02:21:13: You may feel like a dutiful workhorse today, and it's crucial ... More for Leo
  • 06:41:19: @jaycrawfordespn buckeyes are going to be fired up due to the loss of Stephanie spielman. She was buckeye royalty
  • 06:41:52: This is way too early
  • 13:21:05: Yay done with work. Bring on the nap when I get home
  • 14:50:38: oh nap time is on like now.
  • 17:37:13: @altheaharper way to represent SW Ohio! I'm from Dayton area, myself (new carlisle)
  • 18:15:25: all i have to say about Survivor is SEE YA, BITCH!
  • 20:14:49: Yoga was good. Working on my flexibility will give me better model poses @24hourfitness #mygoals
  • 21:08:23: I swear if I encounter one more fucking lack of common sense or ability to drive retard in public tonight, I'm going to snap
  • 21:08:46: @SaraJBenincasa do it!
  • 21:29:37: @SaraJBenincasa woot. Good choice. You should try straightening it sometime too
  • 22:48:07: time to make some buckeyes.

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