Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

From Twitter 11-19-2009

  • 00:15:51: Top Model finale time (on dvr) you ruin it, i kill you
  • 00:16:37: some dude thought i was a hooker on Santa Monica Blvd...he slowed down and gave me a stare. uh no buddy. move along
  • 01:48:41: America's Next Top Shorty....THE FINALE!! STOMP IT TO THE DEATH!!
  • 02:21:21: It's one of those days when you might wish you weren't so dire... More for Leo
  • 03:33:32: @SaraJBenincasa GO. TO. BED! I'm going to bed now and I'm 3 hrs behind you!
  • 03:48:37: @SaraJBenincasa don't make me send those people from "Intervention" on A&E over there.
  • 03:49:19: My trainer is going to murder me in the morning....mostly because I'm not a morning person.
  • 04:23:33: What good is being on the pill if u r not doing it & ur cycle is more irregular ON it than off it?!? That being said: I quit. sorry if tmi
  • 04:26:10: Many have told me I should try stand up. Does 1 take a class for that? Also how does 1 approach a group/school/etc re: speaking engagements?
  • 11:46:00: I so can't get it going this morning. Trainer session at gym & then work...then work again at 6am tomorrow (is that even legal?)
  • 13:33:50: @OGOchoCinco eff that....go to San Fran and eat. Oakland is a hood!
  • 13:35:35: @ErikaMarie so far there have been like 2 cat cases that i've read about on yahoo or cnn.
  • 13:36:03: @ErikaMarie yeah i have no qualms about Depp either. loved him since his bed ate him in Nightmare on Elm Street.
  • 14:07:11: @OGOchoCinco when you do something in L.A. (or Cincy while I'm home for xmas), I'm so there...& bring my 72-yr-old Ocho-fan mama.
  • 14:30:10: @MyTrainerBob i think my trainer @24hourfitness put me through more of a challenge. hope you had fun filming at my gym yesterday
  • 16:04:22: @fordmodels still trying to find age limits
  • 16:18:02: @athensgirl04 WHAT?!?! they just got that dog!!!
  • 16:18:17: RT @athensgirl04 RIP UGA VII
  • 22:43:48: Just got off work & have to be back at 6am. This really should be illegal
  • 23:26:32: @thegregjohnson Stephanie speilman, wife of former buckeye football player chris speilman died of breast cancer today too :(
  • 23:28:15: The Buckeye nation mourns the loss of Stephanie Spielman

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