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From Twitter 11-18-2009

  • 00:33:17: Rudy sucks & so does i said, make some of them over until they are fat again, but they will still be ugly on the inside.
  • 02:20:20: You are in the mood to play your cards right out in the open, ... More for Leo
  • 02:23:20: modern family is confusing me again. How can it be the 1st day of school if last week was Big 10 football (unless this was a repeat)
  • 02:37:23: @david_bu never applied. No need to. I got my degrees from 2 of the finest schools in my home state of Ohio :)
  • 02:55:00: who told Creed they were allowed to make any more music or reunite!?
  • 03:24:23: gotta get up, drive to the westside in the morning to get a wristband for my hot date with my husband Andre Agassi tomorrow night.
  • 03:58:32: Anyone ever blame a stinky fart on a pet or is that just me? Sorry, cat! (FYI not being serious....or am I?)
  • 12:45:49: @jaycrawfordespn la?!? Ears perk
  • 12:46:44: @THE_REAL_FAN sorry not really into him
  • 13:38:12: Omg in the first group for the Andre Agassi book signing tonight. Might need to drink some meth-spiked soda to celebrate!!
  • 13:41:04: @TalentAgentLA or they are only counting student projects
  • 14:29:00: @TalentAgentLA I doubt even name actors get 90%. Otherwise we wouldn't see those "almost cast" stories
  • 14:33:26: They are filming the biggest loser at my gym right now!
  • 14:45:09: Bob is hot!! That's all I'm going to say
  • 14:46:43: @MyTrainerBob hey! Speed up that filming! You are keeping me from getting into my gym!! ;)
  • 14:48:11: @JillianMichaels your buddy bob is filming at my gym. BL9? In fact, I had to wait 5 minutes to enter the gym cuz of him haha
  • 15:12:58: Just got offered another student film
  • 15:17:59: Whoa! The rest of the contestants are in the group exercise room @24hourfitness Hollywood! I'm in Biggest Loser fandom heaven
  • 15:19:03: Can they come here every day? I'm working out even harder just in case I end up in the background
  • 15:56:07: OMG! Jillian is here too! I think I just peed
  • 16:33:28: does anyone know how to turn off this RETWEET shit?!
  • 16:34:11: not a good day to piss me off, Twitter. My mother (i love the woman, but...) is driving me absolutely crazy today.
  • 16:51:03: @espnext_jerry i wanted to yell "I LOVE YOU JILLIAN!!!"
  • 17:02:31: @michaeldempster i worry about you when you say things like that.
  • 19:41:50: This crazy lady is bringing scrunchee back!
  • 19:52:34: If u hate America so much crazy lady... Go back to england
  • 20:16:02: I just saw Andre Agassi walk right past me. Book signing soon
  • 21:16:54: Nice as always. He aske me if e was nice to me when we met in 95
  • 21:27:10: People magazine obvi didn't get the memo that Andre agassi is the sexiest man alive and not johnny Depp
  • 21:52:35: Omg!!! Cats can get swine flu!
  • 22:08:31: @JillianMichaels yeah I saw or should I say HEARD u working on BL9 today at my gym. Had to fight urge to yell "I heart u Jillian!" haha
  • 22:32:02: Monstro Flora show @ dragonfly. Check them out on iTunes

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