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America's Next Top Shorty....the finale!

-Tonight we find out who gets maybe 16 minutes of Top model fame instead of 15. Sorry shorties, just the way of the fashion game. When you went to Hawaii instead of a fashion capital, that should've been your clue.
-It's Nicole "Bloody Eyeball" vs Laura "Cow Castrator" for ANTM 13 (you know, that works better if you do it in like a UFC announcer's voice)
-YESSSSS! A picture of Wanda Sue!!!! Can we PLEASE get her on Project Runway!?!?
-time for another Cover Girl commercial. These are always fun.
-Teyona gets to make a return appearance to make up for the fact that she didn't get her "life as a Cover Girl"'
-Seventeen cover time....for one of them, it's just a phantom photo shoot. 'WORLD FAMOUS' photographer Gilles Bensimone
- btw, i'm going to give round 1 to Laura. no one will expect her to do that well on the commercial due to her dyslexia and I think she had more energy than Nicole.
-Tyra comes to interview the girls which i don't recall her doing for the past couple cycles. Yes!!! Tyra...MORE GRANDMA WANDA SUE!!!!
-WTF.....they're bringing back eliminated girls for the fashion show? probably because 1. they couldn't find any other models in Hawaii (I wonder if they even have local agencies there) 2. if they do have local agencies, they're probably just full of tall girls.
-Everyone but Brittany wants Laura to win (this, of course, means Nicole will probably win)
-And Nicole still walks like a horse....but then again, so did Claudia Schiffer.
-Laura swings her arms a little too much sometimes.
-nothing gets ratings like wet girls in bikinis rubbing all over each other....welcome to the CW where wet runway contests, threesomes and lesbian hookups reign supreme
-time for the photo review. I always love this because you can see how they grow as models.
-oh boy....bonus round "behind the runway" after this ep. Thank you for saving this until the end instead of making me endure this in the middle of the season. A reunion show each cycle would still be better.
-And there is NO shocker there with the winner. We've seen it coming for weeks. Laura goes down as the petite Joanie.....but I am happy that there is FINALLY a redheaded winner.
-And end the show with narcissistic photo shoot with Tyra!


Bonus round!!!
-Miss J looks upset that he didn't invent the Howard Fashion Show queen walk.
-Nicole starts handing out names like she's Flavor Flav or Bret Michaels looking for love.
-Hey there Sean'll be seeing me in a couple weeks at She's Got the Look auditions. You know, old lady top model.
-oh look at the Wilhelmina stairs...i've been up those a couple times....and then promptly down. ugh.
-Bianca thinks that paganism is being possessed by demons.
-Laura tries a foreign food that they don't have in's called a KIWI!
-Rae is almost as crazy as I am about teeth. There's nothing wrong with wanting clean teeth.
-oh we are PRIVILEGED to see Erin cry (according to her)....are we also privileged to see those damn tantrums of negativity as well?
-Sundai makes her pitch to be on Survivor by eating the bugs that were in the chili powder.

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