Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

From Twitter 11-17-2009

  • 00:38:42: Family Guy is off the chain this week!
  • 01:27:34: no interest in Twilight, no interest in this New Moon shit either. Team Buffy forever!
  • 02:20:55: Your direct manner can be disconcerting now, especially if you... More for Leo
  • 03:56:08: @robdeatonphoto flying or driving?
  • 04:55:22: Bed. LASIK follow-up dr appt tomorrow, sonic (health-ily), work, audition, gym. Cat...better ration your morning food all day!
  • 12:15:12: In irvine at eye doc
  • 12:20:22: @Fresh_and_Easy I have to miss pix up to keep things interesting
  • 12:43:04: @TalentAgentLA that being said what are actors w/o rep supposed to do re: time frames? Not call? Or does she not see non-repped actors?
  • 12:45:26: 20/20 vision! Astigmatism almost gone. No dryness. A little over 1 month post-LASIK
  • 13:31:10: I am only like the greatest fast food ever: SONIC!!!
  • 13:40:16: I just sang "you are so beautiful to me" to my sonic sammie
  • 14:37:14: @agentadvice but it isn't Friday!! Does this mean you won't go
    Friday or u will go Friday as well?!
  • 14:37:42: RT @castrovince Sandy Alomar Jr. is rejoining the Indians as Manny Acta's 1B coach. He'll also work with the Tribe's catchers.
  • 14:48:04: I will be the Jade of She's Got The Look in the sense of: Strictly business, not there to make friends; not crazy bitchy diva.
  • 14:58:12: 5 minutes until happy hour at sonic. Yes I've been here like 2 hrs. Don't judge
  • 22:16:26: @LittleLeaP jlo is too busy owning the Miami Dolphins!
  • 22:17:23: Secretly laughing on the inside as i walk on usc's campus for an audition! Oh the smell of roses and dying dynasties
  • 22:18:09: You Trojans may have won the battle but no one cares when u don't also win the war
  • 22:19:13: I may need a rabies shot & STD screening for setting foot on this ghetto ass rathole campus.
  • 23:42:02: give these idiots on the Bigger Loser makeovers all you want, most of them are still ugly on the inside.

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