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From Twitter 11-16-2009

  • 00:18:33: @espnext_jerry I don't use the chat just the journal
  • 01:24:39: I am honestly in the smallest restroom ever. I can rest my head on the sink while I potty
  • 02:20:41: You might want more time to play today, but the inflexible Sco... More for Leo
  • 02:43:38: @snowwhiteonacid not really i don't have any auditions tomorrow as of now.
  • 02:45:23: @espnext_jerry i added you as a friend so now you can read all my deep dark ish
  • 02:50:59: off to bed, hope i don't have to go in for my on-call shift tomorrow, want to sleep in, hate the cold. slept in a robe last night.
  • 02:51:19: and this cough needs to seriously die already
  • 13:56:35: @snowwhiteonacid i'm working like all week or have stuff going on at night, plus fried foods are off the board until i find a new agent.
  • 13:59:38: @SELFmagazine Bella is not Selfy...does she really look like she has time for the gym?
  • 14:00:33: @MyTrainerBob well that is a pretty handsome picture.
  • 14:03:19: @JohnDeVore congrats
  • 14:05:06: @magnoliapr ask them if they need an in-store model to hand out anything. will work for jeans! haha
  • 14:08:25: @LACommAgent i know what you are getting at, but sometimes paying the rent is the bigger picture priority.
  • 14:10:01: @agentadvice except when you meet with the agent and get told it's 100% my way or the highway, then anything is greener.
  • 14:32:27: @bcuban maybe the Bengals think Ocho can teach him Twitter manners.
  • 14:45:31: time to take the recycling in, pick up mysterious former agent letter (nervous), & buy straws at Ikea.
  • 14:59:33: @fallenwiccan doubtful.
  • 15:22:30: @magnoliapr when is it?
  • 15:49:04: @magnoliapr can't do this we'd. Agassi book signing. Can do the 6th
  • 15:49:32: @jamesbaltazar WTF! He wasn't that old!
  • 15:51:09: RT @jamesbaltazar Ken Ober has died. Long live Remote Control.
  • 15:54:58: Lady is letting her kid run around the post office w/o watching him. I hope he gets his hand stuck in the stamp machine
  • 15:58:34: Same lady emptied a box into a priority mail box & just left her old box sitting in the middle of the post office
  • 16:03:51: Guess my former agent saw the blog post I made about them & they weren't happy about some of the comments I made. I might have a problem.
  • 16:43:58: The holiday tent at ikea always smells yummy
  • 18:59:16: @Fresh_and_Easy I found the PERFECT location for you to open at in Burbank, CA
  • 19:23:57: @LACommAgent now I agree with you. I tell my manager like everything I'm doing each week so she knows my schedule.
  • 19:47:01: need to eat something carby and go to the gym.
  • 20:11:36: @OGOchoCinco while you're in Miami, can you teach Ted Ginn Jr how to hang onto a ball so my Phins might win more games?
  • 20:14:27: Progresso Santa Fe Chicken soup is da bomb!!
  • 20:29:14: @magnoliapr when you call, find out how much of a purchase & then just register both of us.
  • 20:30:28: i've discovered the ability to stave off hunger by just chewing gum. Anorexics would be somewhat proud of me.
  • 21:04:13: @jaycrawfordespn even worse than the leash tressel keeps around pryor's arm?
  • 21:07:56: I don't wear any blue during Michigan week. Problem: my best gym nikes & clean sports bra both have blue. hope u r amused @jaycrawfordespn
  • 21:12:16: @jaycrawfordespn can u send that letter to Larry dolan too?
  • 22:31:00: Omg major progress at the gym! I just was able to touch my toes stretching w/o bending my knees for the first time in like YEARS!!!
  • 23:47:17: @Fresh_and_Easy I have a couple times :)

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