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From Twitter 11-15-2009

  • 01:07:35: @david_bu have fun playing a bowl game in December! Haha.
  • 01:23:14: @agentadvice orientation for, baron ent. party, kitchen 24 now, work & maybe film a commercial tomorrow
  • 02:20:22: Your schedule is quickly filling up with things to do, leaving... More for Leo
  • 02:52:29: @david_bu sadly that 2nd wk win will probably be the highlight of your mediocre season like a homecoming queen who peaks in high school
  • 02:57:23: Robin Hood just stole "bored now" from Buffy! is nothing sacred anymore?
  • 04:15:38: time for bed. picked up a breaker shift tomorrow day...stupidly. god, i'm an idiot.
  • 04:48:42: @snowwhiteonacid G-scrawl-I-scrawl-A-scrawl-GIA! now tell the bitch I'm here!
  • 04:50:32: Sometimes I think I'm developing a filter...I hold back on the borderline tmi posts, but I will say: ladies, fat burner will make you fart!
  • 12:58:51: @simpsonatc22 rumor reported on espn and then I started looking at Michigan blogs.
  • 12:59:24: @bcuban no but I will be going to the Agassi book signing
  • 13:01:26: Headed into work. Go dolphins!
  • 13:08:44: @bcuban man that's just wrong haha
  • 18:38:35: @david_bu like I said...homecoming queen
  • 19:11:31: I waited on the Jackson kids today. Most well-mannered kids ever!
  • 20:34:24: @michaeldempster according to Janice Dickinson, we models are the top of the food chain
  • 21:06:14: @SaraJBenincasa make sure you put some Dave Matthews on for the docu. peeps.
  • 22:05:18: @LsRccrd what do you get when you cross a groundhog with a wolverine? 6 more weeks of bad football.
  • 23:40:42: I'm crazy. Going to a party with y friend Tara. Imagine me shorter w/ bigger boobs like someone pressed on my head & it went to the chest

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