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From Twitter 11-14-2009

  • 01:25:31: @Ksafitness hey, what's a good inexpensive tastee protein powder?
  • 02:28:14: There may not be any simple answers, but you probably have a p... More for Leo
  • 03:15:30: bedtime...orientation for mentoring young female writers tomorrow. sorry buckeyes, I'll still wear my shirt though.
  • 11:45:26: @bcuban I thought the toilet bowl was reserved for Michigan?
  • 11:45:59: @bcuban those commercials make me want to snuggle my cat
  • 11:46:33: @HarloweBlonde buffy fans totes hate it
  • 11:47:35: @HeymanTalent tax incentives, making the state attractive to location scouts, finding actors who produce from Ohio
  • 11:52:32: Badger badger badger!!!
  • 11:53:27: I am so sore from the gym that it hurts to cough...lovely
  • 14:29:50: RT @OGOchoCinco 1st person to grab me from Marriott Pittsburgh City Center I'm blessing u with whatever you want within reason from the mall
  • 16:47:02: Everything is coming up roses if u know what I mean! ;)
  • 17:54:12: And remember u can't spell SUCKS without u s & c #USC trojans may have beat osu but we still smell like Roses. see u in pasadena...not!
  • 18:06:32: Anyone want to go to an agency party with me tonight at miyagi's on sunset? My +1 cancelled
  • 18:15:15: @Wolffem what time are u getting there? I might need to do some laundry before I go
  • 19:00:48: @jaycrawfordespn and USC & Michigan both got embarassed
  • 19:30:54: it's my OPINION that Unemployment Appeals Judge Thomas Diaz is corrupt & disregards that a company ALTERED an employee's file negatively!
  • 19:31:25: that being said, I'm exhausting my last appeal on the unemployment. I'll get a board hearing now!
  • 19:41:55: And I just reported said judge to the California Bar Assoc through their website.
  • 20:01:01: well dammit! stupid dvr chopped off the end of the OSU game!
  • 20:12:59: @_marramarie_ I was doing a search on the idiot and it just came up.
  • 20:26:03: @simpsonatc22 and now Forcier might transfer too...poor boy obviously wants to play for a winner.
  • 20:28:40: Let the Michigan trash talking beginning & to you Pac-10 mofos already running your Rose Bowl mouths....bring it!
  • 20:46:56: hmmm, I'm scared. Certified mail from my former agent. Hoping I'm not in trouble for that scathing blog post I made (then deleted)
  • 21:15:32: hmmm, i don't know who i enjoy laughing at more today....USC fans or Michigan fans
  • 22:24:19: smell like Britney, dress like Gaga. haha.
  • 22:43:30: I think USC's loss is funny because it was their homecoming. Nice welcome home to the alumni @PeteCarroll hahah ah these Roses smell good!

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