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From Twitter 11-13-2009

  • 00:34:03: @SaraJBenincasa hey girl, u have to see some of my lines from my film I did tonight. Sexually hilarious. I'll dm later
  • 00:34:44: Gym done. Phone battery almost dead.
  • 01:12:30: kelly on survivor is afraid of water slides, but she's not a pussy like the dumb bitch on the amazing race so she went down it.
  • 01:39:38: omg....I think I'm actually warming to Russell just because his evil genius is up there with Boston Rob & Hatch.
  • 01:57:04: Katherine Heigl is back!!!! yes!!! Grey's will be good again!
  • 02:09:45: I bet Izzy is wishing she had kept some of those gazillions that Denny left her.
  • 02:27:31: Although you may be gaining strength that springs from a new s... More for Leo
  • 02:34:52: @Jfavreau yes...about damn time.
  • 02:36:53: @LilMissEmmylou i bet you can find the clip of the chick freaking out over the slide online.
  • 02:39:37: @SaraJBenincasa your friends do take amazing photos
  • 02:52:14: Absolutely going nuts to see Tim Gunn in Dayton, OH...he's probably like "WTF did I just land into!?!?!"
  • 03:10:37: holy crap...the Hyatt they're staying at on Project Runway is the same one I once stayed in & partied until like 7am
  • 03:40:26: why do i have a feeling on models of the runway, the first batch of models was craigslist & then they brought agency girls in for 13th look?
  • 04:02:51: @OGOchoCinco wake up? Child, please! I'm going to bed.
  • 05:30:11: @fallenwiccan thanx for the tunes btw
  • 05:31:24: This cough needs to either be productive or go away. Preferably the latter. It's been like 2 weeks now
  • 05:32:17: Time for another 6-hr nap and then the game is on again. Rinse & repeat. Want a day to sleep in already!!!
  • 13:50:46: @MyTrainerBob didn't know u had a Twitter too! I would prefer @jillianmichaels to yell at me, but I'd love yoga w/ u too. Time to follow u
  • 13:52:56: @magnoliapr tell them u will help them in exchange for their active division seeing an amazing model u know...hint hint
  • 13:54:19: I'm not afraid to wear black with navy!!
  • 14:09:38: How many people have to pass you on the right before you realize you shouldn't be in the fast lane on the freeway? Not me driving btw
  • 14:31:01: I'm west of the 405 north of the 101. we know how I feel about this
  • 15:11:00: @HarloweBlonde you'll love this...Ed Hardy makeup and hair care product...even an ed hardy hair dryer!
  • 15:32:43: okay...time to head to Hollywood. Have to check out a photo exhibit for a photog I know, then trainer session @24hourfitness
  • 15:33:27: then it's quick shower, get to train in valley, audition.
  • 16:26:21: @CocksWithP the project runway winner isn't announced live because it's always after the Bryant park runway show
  • 16:39:51: hey #Hollywood go see toky photography against nature exhibit now-10pm @ 1639 las palmas. Amazing photos!! #photography #losangeles
  • 18:46:15: @SaraJBenincasa a hot date with freddy finger and his frat brothers
  • 18:48:24: @SaraJBenincasa pet the kitty
  • 19:18:07: @tericee no but my friend Kelly grew up in Omaha
  • 19:19:27: On the orange line for my 2nd trip west of the 405 today. Audition @ columbia college Hollywood
  • 20:37:59: @Rhiannon2408 thanx for letting me borrow that necklace. Filming went great and director loved it for my character
  • 20:39:39: Totes spent money I didn't really have for protein powder & fat burner. It will be worth when I get a new agent or get on she's got the look
  • 21:46:20: Rumor is that Tate Forcier might be transferring. see the light, come to Ohio State with some other former Michigan players who like winning
  • 22:08:30: Audition done. I think I might have the part. Time for my friend Lisa's comedy show. She's a funny Midwest bitch like me
  • 22:08:44: @Tonys_Grl84 kitty missed you
  • 22:53:50: People need to learn to keep their cars in their own f'n lanes
  • 22:54:36: @RalphRandom that's right. U SHOULD follow me cuz I'm awesome...and funny

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