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From Twitter 11-12-2009

  • 01:26:33: it's Wednesday know what's coming after i answer emails.
  • 01:30:21: @simpsonatc22 cuz they're selfish fuckers who care about the game and the money. This season has a lot of shallow contestants.
  • 01:33:15: @SaraJBenincasa hey how did you get the abc's and #'s to stick to the bathroom wall?!?
  • 01:34:40: I was introduced to Jimmy Jam tonight & I also saw Harry Connick Jr (hot) & Clive Davis.
  • 01:46:34: @souplantation thanx for following me.
  • 02:06:20: @rockinrobinp you should make a parody video of her.
  • 02:34:53: You might require some extra quiet time today so you can conte... More for Leo
  • 04:02:22: America's Next Top Shortie recap....even Tyra is bored so she's booting 2 for the price of 1:
  • 04:06:47: I heard so many freakin insane music biz name drops tonight that I need to rest my weary head now before it explodes.
  • 04:12:19: or i'm just tired....there are tons of spelling & grammar errors in my recap. Bad me...and I'll be mentoring young writers now too.
  • 12:43:16: Meeting with my manager at lazy daisy cafe bev hills.
  • 13:55:45: My manager is a damn rock star!
  • 14:55:37: @bcuban please tell me this is joke
  • 14:58:54: dammit, one of my besties needs to be online already.
  • 15:19:30: @fordmodels are there any age requirements? I keep looking and can't find anything.
  • 16:18:15: @magnoliapr how does one find the participating locations?
  • 16:25:16: @magnoliapr sadly...not going that way, but i'm sure i'll find one on my way to set for my film.
  • 16:58:13: i got a pretty new Miami Dolphins background for my twitter page. Go Phins!
  • 17:03:34: time to go film a movie where I say a lot of bad words in only like 3 sentences.
  • 17:29:22: Someone buy me this mug for
  • 17:30:14: At coffee bean getting my free holiday drink 4-8pm peeps
  • 17:30:28: @estepmike don't fake my allergy!
  • 17:35:23: @CocksWithP omg!! Some dude totes flirted with me right in front of his gf! Ewwwww. Girl then stares me down. I didn't do anything wrong!
  • 18:39:46: @bonniegillespie it's to cover the stench of smog (and smoke during fire season)
  • 19:03:10: @JillianMichaels omg the doctors wanted me to film a segment today too but I was already booked on another project!
  • 22:17:15: @JohnDeVore doesn't freebasing sudafed create meth?
  • 23:00:35: Filming wrapped. Off to the gym now. Full day
  • 23:02:43: @LittleLeaP benadryl, chase with red bull to combat drowsiness, 2-4 hrs later: 1 mucinex. 2 hrs later zinc drop = cold killer

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