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America's Next Top Shortie recap

you know the routine...there are spoilers all over this place. I'm not allowed to play with sharp objects, so there's not hidding this behind some type of protective at your own risk.

-Like the preview stated...2 girls get eliminated tonight which makes me think that Tyra is getting bored with her munchkins as well and is looking to ease on down the road back to the tall girls already.
-No, Erin, you're not here by the graciousness of the panel. you're here probably because Tyra vetoed the panel. The truth will set you free.
-why do i have a feeling there's going to be a lot of tears in this ep?
-yes because I always mix hip-hop with hula while mixing ethnicities as well and then I go to a fusion restaurant for dinner.
-since when did this become a dance competition? seriously....this is a 2nd dance challenge this season. Oooooh, I get it! Top Model airs the same time as "So You Think You Can Dance" and Tyra is trying to be sneaky and confuse the viewers. go girl....fake it until you make it!
-Oh I just want to see Erin either cry or get all pissy angry when she doesn't win this challenge.
-cue the negativity from the pissy blonde one.
-someone obviously didn't tell Jennifer that if you leave your mouth open like that a bug will fly in it.
-oh snap...2 shorties be going home and the other 2 are going straight to the finals.
-i have a feeling I'm going to struggle to predict the 2
-Jay gives Nicole a pep talk and the whole time in his voice you can sense "girl if you don't win this damn thing, i'm gonna beat you"
-Erin says she's going to look "powerful & wrathful" in her photos...well, she should have NO problem with the latter. There is a lot of anger pent up in that little body of hers.
-my long is Laura going to be sunburnt!?!?
-Erin looks like she rolled into judging straight from the surf shop.
-is Miss Jay drunk at judging this week?
-okay, after seeing the pictures....I'm going with Laura & Nicole in the finale with Jennifer and Erin going home.
-You'll see Jennifer again...she just have personality that carries over to hosting opportunities as well.
-remember those cartoons in the Children's Highlights where the one dude did the right thing and the other one didn't? See Erin and Jennifer's exit comments for the modernized version. Erin is all tears and negativity. Jennifer is all "thank universe for the experience"
-wow...that was weird. promo for Gossip Girl over the end credits with Ed Westwick using his natural accent. I didn't even realize it was him at first.
-this may be my most torn finale ever.
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