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From Twitter 11-11-2009

  • 00:03:22: And Danny & Rudy are officially asses on The Biggest Loser. Eff them.
  • 00:21:37: @wrongheaven I'm still watching the ep, so shhh, I'm sorry, but what they did to Shay was shitty. She NEEDS to be there.
  • 00:43:20: I officially hate a LOT of people on The Biggest Loser. In fact, I don't want any of these a-holes to win. I honestly don't like any of them
  • 00:43:47: Only reason I'm watching now is to watch @JillianMIchaels verbally abuse them.
  • 01:00:13: @wrongheaven sorry, but I see the bigger picture. Guess that is the Bob in me.
  • 01:00:34: @wrongheaven she was never a threat to win it all, just like she said herself.
  • 01:12:41: who wants to go to an agency party with me on Sat night? (if I don't have to work)
  • 01:14:55: Biggest game of the Buckeyes season & I'm going to miss it because I'm learning how to mentor young writers. Sorry, Brutus :(
  • 01:16:06: And WHY does Michigan insist on hosting the Buckeyes at 9am PST always?!?!
  • 01:23:59: Dear Universe, let me win the Sirius radio college fball sweepstakes. prize? trip to Ohio State @ Michigan next week!
  • 02:21:45: You can speak your mind today in a manner that appears to be m... More for Leo
  • 02:26:06: kudos to The Forgotten for accuracy. 513 IS an Ohio area code :)
  • 03:17:57: yeah! dad on Modern Family is a Buckeyes fan!!! that's right, you don't have a BBQ during the game unless the game is part of it!
  • 03:48:08: time for bed, should take my car in tomorrow. not enough hours in a day.
  • 04:44:00: I am starting to think rain doesn't exist...THIS is why I want to leave la. I miss weather!
  • 04:46:08: Nieder is still spry like a kitten. Eliminated a miniscule spider tonight out of the air!
  • 11:02:05: The universe doesn't want me sleeping in. Manager called at 9am with a "get there now" audition
  • 11:31:10: I was in the room for a long time at my audition. Hopefully that's a good thing!
  • 11:31:51: Now I need coffee or someone will die
  • 12:11:28: Pray for Mazzy. She is at the "doctor" & I hope it's not her transmission or anything serious
  • 12:32:35: dear AT&T, please don't call me with msgs to pay my bill when i can't pay my bill because YOUR computers & website are down.
  • 12:41:28: @jamesbaltazar yeah well the app was down too. i have it. so they can suck it.
  • 13:17:11: I can't believe @shitmydadsays got a tv show, I knew I should've started posting the crazy stuff out of my mom's mouth years ago.
  • 13:26:16: @24hourfitness: to get flat abs and book a print job in a fitness mag #MYGOALS
  • 13:27:52: @snowwhiteonacid right now, looking at about $500 and they're still doing stuff.
  • 13:56:16: She's Got The Look is casting for season 3...this time, no damn trip from Aruba is going to get in the way. time for me to be a Top Model.
  • 14:04:07: Just got told I can't switch to all PM availability. Looks like I'm going to have to start looking for a new job again.
  • 14:10:26: Dear Fox....dumbest ass move since cancelling Family Guy (i think the Emmy nod PROVED that). Morons! I hope Idol tanks! #dollhouse
  • 14:20:52: @agentadvice Dollhouse just got axed too.
  • 14:25:56: Fox = For Only Xploitation (cuz all they care about is their stupid reality shows)
  • 14:33:40: @agentadvice 1. timeslot; 2. too much Fox sticking their nose in creatively. Love Joss too, but Buffy was the greatest.
  • 14:34:15: @agentadvice okay...THAT I didn't know, but I heard the actors take naps in the pods.
  • 14:47:32: @agentadvice i wonder if we've ever walked past each other at the ol' @souplantation. haha
  • 15:02:06: @wrongheaven Amanda would have an easier time at home too! Shay will struggle based on just where she lives! shallow Newport Beach!
  • 15:05:42: @wrongheaven I still don't agree. with regards to Shay, it's not a game, it's a matter of her life. She needs 2 seasons to lose her weight!
  • 15:10:36: @wrongheaven well like i said, i'm pretty much done with this season. I think they all suck. Just watching to see Jilly verbally abuse them
  • 15:24:26: time to pick up my car...think it's going to be around $500....a nice commercial or print job would be good about now.
  • 17:21:17: I don't like to brag but I KNEW the top model twist tonight was going to be a dbl elimination w/ only 2 girls going to finale
  • 17:38:31: @wrongheaven i'd love it if she yelled at me. would remind me of college tennis.
  • 18:57:00: @CosmoOnline forget the wine, it's all about the champagne!
  • 18:58:37: Trainer had to reschedule for friday. Worked out in neighborhood now off to catering gig at work. Need coffee
  • 19:14:34: @simpsonatc22 me too!!! Screw them all! Give them a 1000 makeovers next week, they are still ugly on the inside
  • 19:15:16: @SELFmagazine wynonna probably ate an oompah loompah!
  • 19:15:43: Saying goodbye to soda after this diet coke
  • 19:18:04: No, dumbass at famima... A regular coffee is NOT an americano & your menu even says that

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