Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

From Twitter 11-10-2009

  • 00:49:58: i think my body permanently hates alcohol since the whole New Year's Eve debacle. I feel like crap like 6 hrs after drinking any alcohol
  • 00:51:52: i am like passed out tired and I still need to do dishes
  • 01:56:38: Since when did Jo become such a bitch on Melrose? I don't remember her being that way on the original
  • 03:03:23: @lindsaylohan I wish the paps would leave you be & let u just lay low for a bit.
  • 03:04:55: So changing my availability at work. I'm sick of working days. I get nothing done cuz I'm so exhausted when I get home
  • 10:47:27: You need to move beyond the first flush of excitement and get ... More for Leo
  • 10:54:48: Time for another ass kicking at work. At least I'm first cut today
  • 10:58:27: Aye dios mio, when did I get so hot on the runway circuit? Just got called for a jeans line show.
  • 16:20:45: @jaycrawfordespn I just left the zone in la
  • 16:23:58: @fordmodels what's the age restrictions? Are commercial models eligible
  • 19:07:21: Rushed to fashion show audition, then target, now half-price happy hour sushi, acting mixer @ 7 @ Life on Wilshire
  • 21:09:56: At Hollywood happy hour @ Life on Wilshire
  • 23:32:33: @Wolffem how did ya miss me?!? I was like the tallest girl in the room! haha.
  • 23:32:43: @snowwhiteonacid sweet...on the jeans client.
  • 23:43:55: I wish @JillianMichaels could abuse the living piss out of me. Yell at me!!!

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