Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

From Twitter 11-09-2009

  • 01:47:04: Agassi's post-match retirement/farewell speech from the 2006 US Open will always make me cry.
  • 01:56:00: What a loving tribute to Patrick Swayze on Family Guy tonight.
  • 02:29:24: omg!!! Seth & Alex comedy show is hilarious. can it be on every week?
  • 03:13:28: @snowwhiteonacid this week is pretty busy so i'll have to let you know.
  • 03:16:06: I burnt my tongue on my soup :(
  • 03:20:51: aw mother fucker, stupid ass on call shift in the morning. Kill me fucking now. Oh & my check engine light came on while driving home.
  • 11:17:53: Fml got called in for on call shift & they want me there at 11. Yeah not happening considering it takes me about an hour to get there
  • 11:54:25: Why i rule: makeup done in like 5 minutes on the subway. Good thing I knew what to have in my bag cuz of top model (note the snark)
  • 12:03:08: @snowwhiteonacid let's remember my luck this year
  • 14:29:09: You are switched on today, yet your energetic buzz can be over... More for Leo
  • 18:18:38: @transmothra where did we get a new chik fil a?
  • 18:27:30: Today was profitable enough for happy hour before catching train back home
  • 18:50:27: Yum-o chelsea handler would be proud
  • 19:01:18: @OGOchoCinco that's bs if you get fined & I will officially rule the NFL the No Fun League. Goodell needs a damn sense of humor
  • 19:07:03: Too bad I'm changing my availability to all nights. I could get used to happy hour especially with the hot server that just walked in
  • 19:14:05: So much easier to tolerate the crazies on the subway after drinking a cocktail at happy hour
  • 20:10:14: @COSMORADIO would Sara be jealous to know I had stage tickets for one his shows once? I won them. he had total O-face while playing guitar
  • 20:33:24: @LittleLeaP send her over to my place when she's done at yours.
  • 21:33:15: i really wish they would've redone the meat challenge instead of the hay bale challenge on The Amazing Race.
  • 22:12:39: wtf is up with 90210?! Annie & Dixon are total f-ups. The dad is kinda cheating on the mom or at least flirting around.
  • 22:41:25:!?! Annie is stealing cars, Dixon knocked a bitch up, pops is emotionally cheating.

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