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From Twitter 11-07-2009

  • 00:30:24: somehow I just don't think that new Victoria's Secret bra that claims to bump you up 2 cup sizes would make me look like a C-cup
  • 02:15:35: who the FUCK is calling me at 1:15am?!!?
  • 02:18:27: and now it's another call from another unknown number, wtf?!
  • 02:19:16: I swear to jesus if this is crazy pants from last week, i'm gonna need my "fake boyfriend" to call him back
  • 03:03:37: I just applied to be a writing mentor for time to put my past as sports writer & present as fierce blogger to use
  • 03:04:16: Oh yeah...the phone calls were from my former job. My poor little tacquito (aka manager who adored me) wanted to say hi.
  • 03:04:58: @SMFA3 not even if they are twins. :) Even Mary-Kate & Ashley are doing their own things now.
  • 04:04:33: Dear baby jesus & the football gods, please do not torture us buckeyes in the month of november.
  • 04:33:36: This cough needs to go away! Peeps act like I have pig flu when it's just left behind from my cold. And it's annoying
  • 14:02:56: @fordmodels what's the age limits for the contest. are commercial models eligible?
  • 14:07:39: Buckeyes....come on. tighten this stuff up.
  • 14:12:16: @OGOchoCinco are they getting more? i wanna buy one for my mom for xmas
  • 14:37:30: OMG! I totally know OSU's backup kicker. He used to play for the Quakes.
  • 14:58:10: did Ohio State just think they were the Miami Dolphins with the Wildcat?
  • 15:06:50: Sometimes, Pryor needs to just run like the cops are chasing him. Yeah, I went there & said that.
  • 15:08:16: oh free Vogue subscription started :) first issue arrived today
  • 15:10:39: halftime. time to refill the coffee and make breakfast...yeah, i said breakfast.
  • 15:38:09: @_marramarie_ not neccesarily in daylight.
  • 16:21:22: I told you all that you can't sleep on Navy. Notre Dame found this out the hard way today.
  • 16:30:39: turning Nittany Lions into housecats!!! Go Buckeyes.
  • 16:33:19: @jaycrawfordespn turning nittany lions into this
  • 16:42:23: @jaycrawfordespn ABC guys talking about how big 10 should add a 12th team. If so, who should it be? Notre Dame? pull WVA from Big East?
  • 16:44:50: ABC...YOU SUCK!!! I don't care that OSU is blowing out PSU, i want to see the end of my game, not Wake and Ga. Tech!!!
  • 16:45:46: @jaycrawfordespn that was bs!!! sure we're blowing them away, but i want to see the end of the game.
  • 16:47:26: @jaycrawfordespn don't let the Bearcat fans catch wind of that or they'll be lobbying for the 12th spot (which is just hypothetical anyway)
  • 16:49:36: @JohnDeVore um how the hell was I NOT following you?
  • 16:50:09: @bcuban turning Nittany Lions into house cats. That cat from Shrek is scarier! Go Buckeyes.
  • 16:55:44: @SaraJBenincasa chicken! j/k
  • 22:12:41: @SaraJBenincasa have a good show. I just got off work so
    I wouldn't make it in time
  • 22:30:05: Sobriety check point on figueroa between Olympic and 8th in downtown Los Angeles #losangeles #nightlife
  • 22:31:43: @lauraness Aruba? I don't know their health care though

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