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From Twitter 11-06-2009

  • 02:01:54: @elizadushku hey, I was working that event!!
  • 02:31:34: Anyone notice that they barely let Penelope Cruz talk in her Loreal ads? seriously? how does she get away with that accent?
  • 03:00:44: maybe if you weren't gone half the season, would know the designers and their styles.
  • 03:03:01: I'm torn on how I feel about who is going to Fashion Week on Project Runway.
  • 03:55:42: is it just me or is Survivor getting highly predictable?
  • 05:23:38: Tonight at work proved that money can buy expensive race horses but it can't buy class or manners
  • 05:24:24: @tatoos82 is there a reason u don't return my calls?
  • 12:57:03: You may be very magnanimous with your grand gestures today, bu... More for Leo
  • 15:15:33: @SaraJBenincasa did you meet the 99=cent store spencer after all? he'll stop talking to you if he knows you won't do him!
  • 15:16:15: @goga6945 I LOVED your dress last night. I clearly see the line I modeled for you in that dress.
  • 15:18:27: @TalentAgentLA I don't follow it because I just don't feel i'm at that level yet. it's time spent that i could be using to get TO that level
  • 15:19:52: @TalentAgentLA that's not to say i don't look at some things. I do, but some things are just above me still for now.
  • 15:23:16: @fordmodels is there an age limit on the upper scale?
  • 15:25:48: @elizadushku get in had your WS ring...2 to be exact. Cleveland Indians 2010...end the 60+ yr drought!
  • 15:28:54: Got awesome compliment from head of my former modeling agency. Almost makes me wish I wanted to move to Chicago.
  • 15:29:38: Also got cast in another fashion show on Sunday based on previous shows & castings...aka no auditioning for this bad boy!
  • 16:00:22: @TalentAgentLA exactly what I do. BTW, say u leave agent, but head of agency gives u compliment, can u use it in cover letter?
  • 16:17:33: @CocksWithP so torn about this ep since I've worked with Gordana & Althea is from 10 mins from my hometown in Ohio.
  • 16:39:27: @CocksWithP hi gordana!!! Loved modeling for u!!
  • 17:17:09: @CocksWithP woot woot! Btw have a great weekend. I want Althea to win now
  • 17:19:05: @agentadvice souplantation rocks! Do u use the coupons too? Have u tried the chicken pot pie soup & if so, how is it?
  • 17:40:52: @ActorsCoopGroup thanx. Now I just need a new modeling agent. Also working on a student film next week
  • 17:56:34: Hate the lakers but I will gladly take their fans' money tonight at work. Even wore purple & gold eyeshadow to suck up to them!
  • 22:41:08: Toilets that auto-flush while I'm sitting on them scare the piss out of me
  • 22:42:06: I don't like the Lakers & Kobe sucks but I sure do enjoy walking home with a shitload of their fans' money!!
  • 22:49:17: @TimBella what were u saying about King James?!! Go cavs!!
  • 23:20:58: @TimBella I don't worry about LeBron. He will get the job done & stay in Cleveland

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