Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

From Twitter 11-05-2009

  • 00:52:11: @SaraJBenincasa I think there's a photo of my hair on my facebook that i uploaded from my phone.
  • 01:18:52: America's Next Top Shortie recap: let's get Grandma Wanda on Project Runway!
  • 01:21:11: @Shape_Magazine Seriously? a $20 processing fee? sounds like a shady operation to me & most in the modeling industry would agree.
  • 02:26:32: well played Vampire Diaries with the reveal...of course, i'm like 3 weeks behind. not at good as Buffy/Angel reveal though...nothing will be
  • 03:13:42: My hair kicks your hair's ass and it's because Marissa rocks.
  • 03:56:57: Slightly freaking out about the 3 inches of damaged hair that had to be chopped off. It looks so short
  • 14:07:39: time to get ready for buyout tonight. hope it's not forevs! taking subway and don't want to get stranded.
  • 14:09:31: my check was damn near $450 when i only expected about $200. guess who is getting starbucks regular coffee today!
  • 15:37:13: @rockinrobinp she could have dyed her hair?
  • 18:07:45: @TalentAgentLA hahaha busted!

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