Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

From Twitter 11-04-2009

  • 00:00:12: @JillianMichaels does your book cover kicking the sweet tooth? I'm CONSTANTLY craving sugar in some form be it bad stuff, fruit or juice.
  • 00:13:41: The Biggest Loser was awesome tonight!!!
  • 01:06:16: rejection from Click models online. Just means now they're going to get to see me in the mail. I won't quit.
  • 01:07:02: seriously, what's with all the crazy in Ohio. Dude dressed as breathalizer busted for DUI, crazy rapist with a ton of bodies.
  • 02:45:44: @GeneFallaize looking for a new modeling agency. me and my old one parted ways. it's not easy either. peeps hung up on my age.
  • 02:47:46: @marieclaire magazines are on the healthy size model boat, when R they going to tackle ageism? what 30 yr old relates to a model who is 16?
  • 02:49:21: I'm going to start a revolution, conduct a 1-person social experiment & pretty much take over the world. accept this.
  • 02:50:11: creepy dude who sneakily got my number on Halloween & then called me 8 times in 8 hrs #losemynumber
  • 02:52:09: @CosmoOnline magazines are on the healthy size model boat, when R they going to tackle ageism? what 30 yr old relates to a model who is 16?
  • 03:14:00: @GeneFallaize my eyes are great. yeah, i'm doing fine. just over this year for as crappy as it's been...though i did meet u and jamie
  • 03:34:58: @tyrabanks you've dropped the height requirement, not drop the age requirement. let us older girls in!
  • 03:46:18: i think i want a tea kettle. i want to go old school with making my tea. i have a love/hate relationship with my microwave.
  • 03:46:53: @SaraJBenincasa you still alive in L.A? I'm just making sure the traffic didn't eat you.
  • 03:58:00: It's as if you are being plugged into a social network and are... More for Leo
  • 04:30:30: @OGOchoCinco what's your drink at Starbucks?
  • 13:24:29: @Rhiannon2408 how are you getting emails from Cuban when I've been on his wagon for years? He even read my blog a couple of times.
  • 13:28:02: @jaycrawfordespn you're asking for a lot from the baseball gods
  • 13:29:13: @simpsonatc22 i knew the second she fell below the line again that her ass was gone. She looked great though. Maybe Jillian got to her.
  • 14:11:14: Put ur trash can in a viable parking spot and I WILL move your trash can. Get the hell over it. Parking is precious in la
  • 14:15:40: Can we start ticketing SUVs for ruining compact parking spots?
  • 16:37:21: Did I chop or not? U have to wait & see
  • 17:42:15: Do these people not own mirrors?!? Even my cat would veto this atrocities of fashion:
  • 20:22:17: @TalentAgentLA meow!
  • 20:30:15: @SaraJBenincasa good luck, kick ass, break a leg. I'm modeling in a hair show right now so can't make it
  • 20:32:51: Come on yankees. Make me look good! I said yanks in 6. Get to 8th & let Rivera close it out.
  • 23:23:05: never doubt my predictions. I said Yankees in 6. Enjoy it NYC, because the CLE is coming after yo ass next year. Right, @jaycrawfordespn?
  • 23:24:47: @jaycrawfordespn maybe we should get a live chicken to remove the Ohio Sports Curse.

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