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America's Next Top Shortie recap

you know the deal, if you haven't watched, don't read.

-Hey, do you think if I find a narcissistic pitch to deliver to Tyra, she'd drop the age requirements and let older models in? It's a thought. Therefore, I twittered her the suggestion. haha.
-If I condemn my apartment, do I get to go to Hawaii?
-you know, they haven't done a lame ass review show with "bonus footage" (which is really just the girls acting a fool and fighting) this cycle. Thank baby Jesus.
-I know the first few minutes of the ep are boring review of last week, but so far this most exciting part of this ep is the Melrose Place preview with Heather Locklear. Damn straight THE bitch is back! If Tyra and Amanda (Locklear's character) got in a fight, who would be more fierce? I got 5 on the blonde.
-I'm pretty sure with Jennifer in the Final 5, she's done the best of an Asian that has been on the show. Didn't Sheena in cycle 11 finish 6th?
-Erin is back with her wonderful negative fun ball.
-oh this is going to be so sad if Laura gets eliminated on her birthday. it'll be up there with the girl who got eliminated on her graduation day. didn't another girl get eliminated on her birthday once?
-once again, Erin bitching about everything. "it smells like fish" um...duh, that's usually what it smells like when you're near the ocean (or any larger body of water that has water life)
-Here's what agencies don't always tell you because it's the EXCEPTION, not the rule....if you're really hot (like Marissa Miller), they will let you slide by at 5'8" especially if you have like longer legs, a great look, something that says "will bring the money despite being off 1 inch"
-(poses in mirror) wow, this Barbie Toe shit really works! Can't wait to go shoot some bikini stuff now.
-someone didn't tell Marissa Miller that black girl hair doesn't like water.
-somehow....something tells me, Jennifer, that they wouldn't be letting you jump off this cliff into the water if it wasn't ok to do it in that part of the water. that's probably why they let some regular model do it first.
-Can we please just end this munchkin experiment already and give this ish to Nicole already? If she doesn't win, this crap is up there with the 2000 election. Of course, with all the great editing of her, she'll probably get bounced before the end so that it's not so obvious.
-another reason I like Nicole...SMART girl! Go to bed when the others are partying the night before a shoot.
-i did an underwater shoot totally sucked! Of course, I was doing it blind since I couldn't wear contacts under water. Now that I can see, would love to try again....who has a pool and a camera?
-Laura is such a dork with the shells over the t-shirt and the hula skirt....i love her. Can we put Grandma Wanda on Project Runway and let Laura be her model? I'm sure Tyra and Heidi are pals from the Victoria's Secret days....hook that stuff up!
-holy cow...Sundai looks like she's 6 feet tall!
-YES!!!! Another Grandma Wanda original!!!! Seriously, Heidi now!!!
-oh snap....this is gonna be hard trying to pick the bottom 2.
-hmmmmm, I'm definitely going to go with Erin in the bottom 2....I think Sundai is going to join her due to all of the excuses & the bad face in the photo. If Erin doesn't go out this time...3 strikes you're out, this is some BS that Tyra overrode in Classic T style. Paulina would be pissed.
-Me thinks Nigel has a foot fetish and that Marissa Miller is wearing Christian Louboutins...and Tyra isn't.
-I call bullshit! some serious messed up bullshit! The stuff that judges quitting be made of bullshit!
-Anyone notice the montage's like Nicole is seperated from the rest of the pack now.
-It's "do or die" in next week's photo shoot.....does this mean that they're kill who ever has the worst picture by throwing them into a volcano!?
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