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From Twitter 11-03-2009

  • 00:32:34: Manny Ramirez is rumored to be looking for a DH gig. Pronk, you MUST get that shoulder well! don't want Manny back in CLE!
  • 00:43:23: here's another rumor....TNT is picking up Southland (at least the 6 eps already in the can that NBC won't air).
  • 03:38:37: @OGOchoCinco save me some oatmeal. i'm too lazy to cook breakfast in the morning unless i'm already up watching football.
  • 03:56:09: to bed. audition, gym, laundry, dishes, rehearsal & some other stuff tomorrow. must stay focused. bad ADD (need Adderall)
  • 04:04:17: Tensions begin to subside, leaving you with the awareness of c... More for Leo
  • 13:11:22: @michaeldempster is she really sober this time?
  • 14:14:02: Most of the people I work with are selfish a-holes who won't help anyone outside their little "cliques". good luck getting shift switched!
  • 14:30:17: @rockinrobinp yeah i sleep too late as well.
  • 14:47:39: time to get ready for the gym.
  • 16:00:54: @24hourfitness hey my club is having problems redeeming my new member rewards coupon for free training. Says the promo code isn't valid
  • 16:18:26: @24hourfitness we got it figured out. Manager overrode the code! Yay! Feel proud that I earned them via new member rewards program
  • 18:04:46: Finally got Eminem "relapse" and that ish is SICK! His lyrics are so hilarious at times. i was shocked/laughing on the treadmill.
  • 18:11:13: Finally got Eminem "relapse" and that ish is SICK! His lyrics are so hilarious at times. about fell off treadmill...shocked/laughing
  • 18:22:13: @michaeldempster i look forward to Agassi's book more.
  • 19:48:43: @michaeldempster I'm starting to think that to about gaga
  • 19:49:23: @jaycrawfordespn no kidding. Ohio state football & cavs bball are frustrating me so far.
  • 19:51:14: At film rehearsal. I say trashy things in this film
  • 22:53:17: @transmothra what's so wrong about casinos?
  • 22:53:59: @transmothra I interned for her when she was in the state senate.
  • 22:57:02: @jamesbaltazar if only it was that tame. I drop a few f bombs and say the c word twice in like 3 sentences.
  • 23:39:44: seeing The White House garden on The Biggest Loser makes me miss the gardens i had growing up & wish i could have one now.

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